Mindset is our beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts about things.

There are two kinds of mindsets:

1. Fixed mindset – This is where you think you were born with a certain amount of intelligence or potential and that’s it. This belief is wrong and has many drawbacks. For example, this mindset can lead you  to give up, get upset when things become hard, and have negative self-talk when things don’t go right.

2. Growth mindset – This is where you believe you are capable of working hard to increase your intelligence and potential. This belief has many benefits. For example, this belief can lead you to learn from your mistakes, think positively, and stay open to learning. Successful people have growth mindsets!




from: Insidetheclassroomoutsidethebox.wordpress.com




Whatcani say





With Math I Can

Only you can control your future! – Dr. Seuss










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