Our Area!


Animals in Our Area


Mountain lions are one of the biggest cats in the world, but for Colorado they are the biggest. Mountains lion’s other nicknames are Cougars. Now that’s a weird name. Mountain lions are feisty and good hunters. They love eating small animals. Wolves are a part of a the dog species and are rare to be found in Colorado. They enjoy eating small animals such as bunnies, foxes, and others. Also deer are very common in every town and city of Colorado. Bucks, baby deer, and Mule deer, and white tailed deer call our area home. They most likely eat grass and berries. Now there’s also the black bear, they don’t attack unless they feel harm or danger.

– Anthony

Big Cats in Colorado

We have an incredible amount of animals in  Colorado, but big cats are always interesting. Wild cats have different looks like mountain lions are light brown and white. Lions can be  nine feet tall stretched out and two hundred pounds. Lions mostly are seen in the mountains. If you were wondering how many lions I have seen, well it is not a lot. I have only seen the ones at the zoo, so not a lot.
Bobcats are very good hunters. First they lay in the grass and then pounce and then will eat anything that moves like a rabbit. How big are bob cats? Well, they are twenty-eight to forty inches long and from eleven to thirty pounds.
Thank you for listening to my presentation about big cats!

– Sophia






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