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Animals of Colorado

There are a lot of animals that live in Colorado. Herbivores are animals that eat plants like moose, elk, squirrels, bison, deer, mice, chipmunks, and bighorn sheep. Carnivores are animals that eat meat like bobcats, mountain lions, and rattlesnakes. Omnivores are animals that eat both plants and meat like black bears and coyotes. The Colorado state animal is the bighorn sheep. The most common animals here are squirrels, chipmunks, and deer. Bison or buffalo are large mammals that are almost extinct in Colorado. The coolest bison that I’ve ever seen was a white bison! Now you know what animals live in beautiful Colorado.

– Noah



Plants of Cascade, Colorado


We have many plants here in Cascade, Colorado. Some of our trees are Aspen, Pine, and Blue Spruce. Aspen trees have white bark providing sunscreen for the tree. Pine trees drop pine cones which can make other Pines grow. We also have many flowers. Some are Bluebells, Columbines, Sunflowers, and Anemone flowers. Columbine Flowers are actually our state flower! Anemone flowers are red. Lastly, more of our plants are: Yucca, Sage, and Mountain Mahogany. Yucca Plants have sharp points, so be careful when around them. Sage is soft and smells really nice. Mountain Mahogany is green and has a white swirl in the middle. Don’t mistake it for a flower! Those are some of the plants in Cascade, Colorado.

– Jennifer





Waldo Canyon Fire


The Waldo Canyon fire happened in 2013. It was the biggest fire in Colorado. This fire destroyed 259 houses. Over 30,000  people had to evacuate to another place until it stopped burning. It burned for 21 days. It covered 18,247  acres of land. Highway 24 was closed in both directions. We all know that Highway 24 is an important highway. The Waldo Canyon was a very big fire. It was the most destructive fire in history at the time. Then the flash floods hit Colorado after the Waldo Canyon Fire.

– Kirstyn



Aquamarine in Colorado


The Aquamarine was adopted as the Colorado gemstone on April 30 1971 by the General Assembly. Aquamarine is mossy and found on White Mountain and other places. It is located at 14,000 feet on that mountain.  The Aquamarine can also have Smoky Quartz in it, but it is very difficult to find. It is mostly light blue or green and it is mostly 4cm long and can weigh up to nine pounds.The Aquamarine can cost up to $100,000!

– Scarlet




Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak is a great experience for riding a train and you are riding up a mountain. There is a Barr Trail it is thirteen miles long and an 8,000 foot gain of altitude. The Pikes Peak Hill Climb is pretty dangerous because you are racing a car at full speed down a mountain. The height of the mountain is 14,115 feet high. Many people think Pikes Peak is a volcano, but it’s not.

– Chase






Wildfires are very dangerous in Colorado. The wildlife here including bears, deer, beavers, chipmunks, squirrels, etc., are harmed when people start fires. Most floods are caused by wildfires from floating debris and burned dams. People are harmed, too. Over  3000 people were evacuated and their homes were destroyed during our last flood.

– Kailyn

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