Our Area!


Wildflowers in Our Area


Colorado is full of bright, beautiful colors, everywhere. Whether it’s in the sky, or in the dirt, you can easily find colors anywhere. Here, it’s not hard to find wildflowers, because during summer wild flowers can grow everywhere and anywhere. Wildflowers grow faster or slower depending on elevation and location, but when these flowers bloom, they are very beautiful. For example, the Colorado Blue Columbine. Also known as the Rocky Mountain Columbine, this wildflower is a very beautiful blue and white star-shaped flower. It’s actually the state flower, because you can find these little flowers anywhere! There’s many more flowers, like the Fireweed. The Fireweed gets its name from its ability to grow in places ruined and by wildfires, and since it can survive such high elevations, you most likely would see this interesting flower on a hike. Or like the Indian Paintbrush, a very tall flower that comes in a variety of colors, but you’ll most likely see the orange and red ones in Colorado. Another flower, the Blanket Flower is an interesting flower that comes in shades of red, orange, and yellow, and is often mistaken for a sunflower, because of the close similarities. A very interesting and beautiful flower is the Scarlet Gilia. The Scarlet Gilia was discovered by famous explorers Lewis and Clark in the mountains of Idaho during their expedition across the United States. This flower can be red, pink, or white, and it strangely looks like a long tube with five petals at the end.
Personally, my favorite is The Sand-dune Wallflower. This gorgeous little flower usually grows in groups, with other Sand-dune Wallflowers. Also known as “Prairie Rocket” the Sand-dune Wallflower (Prairie Rocket), grows in a color of bright yellow, to deep orange. This flower strangely prefers to grow in the hotter sides of the dry parts of Colorado. There are many other flowers like the Blue Bell, Rocky Mountain Bee Plant, or Prairie Flax, but that’s enough flowers for today.


Colorado Mammals


Colorado mammals are very interesting. The bighorn sheep is the state mammal of Colorado. Rodentia of Colorado includes pocket gophers, kangaroo rats, pocket mice, chipmunk, marmots, squirrels and beavers. Lagomorpha includes pikas, hares and rabbits. Carnivoras includes cats, coyotes, foxes, wolves, bears, skunks, weasels, raccoons. Families of cats are bobcats, lynx, and mountain lions. Bears includes American black bear and grizzly bear. Artiodctyla includes pronghorns, deer, and bovids. Now you know about Colorado mammals.

– Aubrey






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