Our Attractions!

The Broadmoor

The Broadmoor Hotel is a five star, five diamond hotel. It also has the only five diamond restaurant in Colorado, the Penrose Room along with eighteen other restaurants and cafes. Located in Southwestern Colorado Springs with over seven hundred rooms and a world class spa, its not surprising that the Broadmoor is on the top 500 hotels list. They also were voted best historical hotel in 2007, Colorado’s best resort from CitySearch, and the tennis court is rated number three from the Tennis Magazine. The Broadmoor is also known as the “Grand Dame of the Rockies.” The Broadmoor has its own golf club and the Women’s Open, witch is where the greatest women golfers in the world competed to get a spot in the National Championship on the East Course, took place at the Broadmoor in 2011. The Broadmoor has its own eighty foot hill with an observation tower on top of it so you can look down on the hotel and all its beautiful surroundings. It’s hard to believe that in 1891 Broadmoor was a small hotel and casino until 1918 that is. That’s when Charles Tutt and Spencer Penrose built the current resort that we can see today. The fancy people took a liking to the hotel then. As you can see the Broadmoor is a beautiful, historical, fancy place that you should go and see.

– Ella


Colorado Springs


Colorado Springs is a really famous city. The city of Colorado Springs sits over one mile above sea level. But in some areas it’s way above one mile above sea level. Colorado Springs is the second most populated city in the state of Colorado. There was an estimation back in 2008 there was about 380,307 people there. People call Colorado Springs “ Little London”. It is called Little London because of all the English tourists who came there.

William Palmer is the man whom founded Colorado Springs on July 31, 1871, while trying to create a high-quality resort. There’s a bronze sculpture of Palmer on his horse in front of Palmer High School, in the center of a busy intersection. The reason that sculpture is there is because he is the one who founded Colorado Springs. Something that William Palmer wanted, was to have a have an alcohol free city, but that did not happen.

So there are some interesting things about Colorado Springs!

– Lennon




Breckenridge is an amazing place. First, during the gold rush in 1859, Breckenridge was founded to serve a bunch of miners who were trying to discover gold in The Blue River. All the mines around Breckenridge are gone now, but some are still there for people to visit. Every January there is a snow sculpture contest in Breckenridge where sculptures from around the world that are completed with twenty pound blocks of snow. There is also the festival held that is about the Norse god Ullr. During the summer there are lot of activities people like to do, like mountain biking, fly fishing, and hiking, and so much more. Last, Breckenridge is the filming location for some movies like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Breckenridge is a cool place!

– Rhys



Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs is located in El Paso county, Colorado. It was founded for its natural mineral springs. The population of people is 4,992. The mayor at this time is Ken Jaray. In 1930, the town was formed by the Historic Preservation Committee. In June, 2012, the whole city had to evacuate because of a Waldo Canyon fire burning nearby. Fortunately, Manitou Springs did not suffer any fire damage, and in short time people were allowed back into their houses. Also, On August 9, 2013, the city was hit by the Waldo Canyon flash flood. Traffic was stopped on the highway, the water threatened buildings and parking lots, and a closed part of opened again in the evening. Now you know about Manitou Springs.

– Mia



Pikes Peak

Hi, my name is Zane and I am going to show you Pikes Peak. Ok, are you ready? Let’s get started. First the elevation is 14,115 feet. It will take you twelve hours by foot to get to the summit. The first European person to find it was James Edwin and his friends. The coordinates in Colorado are: 38°50’ 26’’ North, 105° 02’ 39’’ West. It is in the front range and is still growing. They have a shop at the summit and they make donuts and lots and lots of big foot toys. The mountain gets bigger and is still growing. In a million years maybe it is going to be bigger than Mount Everest. It takes a little more than one and a half hours or more to drive to the top. Pikes Peak is amazing!



– Zane





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