Our Attractions!

Pikes Peak

Going to Colorado? Or doing a project In Colorado? Well, one of the main places to visit is Pikes Peak. Why is Pikes Peak so special? This is why: Zebulon Montgomery Pike was an explorer who discovered Pikes Peak in 1806. Zebulon Montgomery was born on January 5, 1779 in Trenton, New Jersey. He failed to climb the mountain and later died on April 27, 1813. However, just because someone found it doesn’t mean it’s a good place to visit. There are many more reasons. Pikes Peak is the highest summit in the southern front range, at 14,115 feet high. That’s high! Edwin James climbed Pikes Peak in 1820 and found our state flower, the Blue Mountain Columbine. The mountain is so hard to climb they even built the cog railway, a train going all the way up. Of course, you can hike it or drive up it. Speaking of driving up Pikes Peak, there is a race every year going to the top of Pikes Peak. Now why would you even want to go up to the top of Pikes Peak? Well, its worth it, first you have to get to the top and live through the 60% oxygen at sea level (it’s 40% less air) and then walk twenty feet to a store. A DONUT STORE WITH KEYCHAINS AND DONUTS! In my opinion, the best donuts I have ever had.

– Julian



Cave of the Winds

If you keep reading you will experience the best thing ever. First, in cave of the winds there’s a room called The Bottomless referred to as The Rat. The bottomless pit is a joke for the name, but the pit is not bottomless.

Next, there’s the Silent Splendor Room. The room is the most famous room in Cave of the Winds. It contains fragile crystalline speleotherms. To this day it is sealed from the public due to the strange gravity growing in all directions, making it strange to be in the cave. Thanks for reading about facts on Cave of the Winds.

– Ashlynn


Garden of the Gods



If you want to go to the Garden of the Gods, here are some facts about Garden of the Gods. The park was founded in 1879. The park is rated at 4.6 stars. It is open 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Dogs are allowed in the park but pick up after them! There are really good trails to hike, walk, rock climb, bike, and horseback ride. The elevation is at 6210-6530 feet. The park has 1364 acres of land, 19 rock formations, and 12 hiking trails. Fun fact: Garden of the Gods was first named Red Rock Corral! So if you want to go to a cool tourist destination, go to the Garden of the Gods!

 – Elijah


Manitou Incline

Hello people, today I will be writing about the Manitou Incline. The highest point is 8,590 feet, the lowest point is 6,500. There are about 2,744 steps made of the old cog railroad ties. The incline was once a railroad ,it was called the cog railroad, but it got washed away in 1990. So after that, it became a hiking trail. The length is 88 miles high and 88 miles low. The best time to go is in May or June it does not matter, but that’s the best time to go. Where it is located is Manitou Springs, CO. The incline was build by Dr. Newton in 1907 and he built water tanks under the mountain.

– Coy







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