Our Attractions!

Green Mountain Falls


Green Mountain Falls, also known as GMF, is a real gem in the Rockies.

GMF has many beautiful things, but let me start with the trails. The Green Mtn. Falls trails committee has recently added in two new trails. One of them, the Dewey trail, has a smaller trail that leads off of it to connect it to the Spiritual Platform. The Spiritual Platform is made of wood planks with a bench on the side. The Bratton Trail is named  after former leader, Dick Bratton. Mr. Bratton has created many trails and has funded the GMF Trails Committee for  years. I hope those were some interesting facts about our trails for you. 

Trails are great, but let me tell you about our most well-known attraction, the lake. The lake is a great place for hanging out, having picnics, fishing, and other quite enjoyable activities. It’s a great place for the whole family, with a park for the kids and benches around it for the adults to sit on. Around the lake, you can find many businesses such as the Pantry, Stones, Bones, and Wood, and The Blue Moose. The Blue Moose is a lovely little family-friendly tavern that is perfectly safe for kids. They serve delicious pizza, Nachos, and alcoholic beverages. Stones, Bones, and Wood is a neat little gift shop with t-shirts, wood carvings, and other cool little trinkets that are all made in Colorado. The Pantry is probably the most well-known place in the center of town. The Pantry serves many things including: cinnamon rolls, toast, hot cocoa, pancakes, etc. Obviously, the lake is our biggest attraction.

The last thing I would like to talk to you about is the Green Box Arts Festival. Green Box is run by Chris Casey, who lives in New York with his family. Green Box has many things for people of all ages. The Green Box Arts Camp is a free nine-day camp that focuses on theater arts, visual arts, nature art, and the art of music. In fact, it’s so popular that it filled up in thirty minutes! Green Box offers other classes such as cooking classes, dance classes, etc. All of that is great, but there is a main attraction every year for the enjoyment of everybody including those who aren’t staying in town. So far there have been color-shifting tiles, twig sculptures, and many other things, but the favorite thing has definitely been the musical swings. The musical swings are exactly what they sound like. There are ten swings, each color of swings plays a different instrument. The higher you go, the higher your instrument plays on the harmonic scale. I hope you will check out the Green Box Arts Festival.

Obviously, after reading this, you know that GMF is a little gem in the Rockies!





If you are looking for mountain biking trails, come to Breckenridge. Breckenridge has hundred of miles of mountain biking. The ski resort has made the town one of the most popular ski areas. Did you know that the ski trails were cut in 1961?

– Vaughn



Garden of the Gods

If you want to see cool rock formations than go to Garden of the Gods. First, the park is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Next, the rock formations are great for climbing on if you want to go rock climbing. There is 1364 acres of land. Also dogs and horses are allowed in the the park. Last, the park was founded in 1879. I hope you enjoy going to the Garden of the Gods !

– Will



Cave of the Winds

 In the Cave of the Winds they have a room called The Bottomless Pit, it is not bottomless, obviously. The bottomless pit is 32 meters deep. The bottomless pit was crossed first by Stephen Bishop, a slave tour guide. Another thing about Cave of the Winds is the Silent Splendor Room, it has many rare crystals in it. Also it is normally sealed because otherwise the temperature won’t be right in the cave. The cave contains white beaded anthodite, cave flowers, and cave coral. There is a high ropes course called the Wind Walker. The Wind Walker is basically a ropes course that is over 30 feet high. Next, is a mix of slack lines and rope ladders Third, you are tied to strings so if you fall it will catch you. Last but not least, is the Terror Dactyl. The Terror Dactyl is basically when a gate opens and you drop about one hundred feet down. The Terror Dactyl is super scary. When you drop, your feet are hanging out of the ride. The ride only lasts for about 15 seconds. Thank you for reading my paragraph on Cave of the Winds.

– Cameron



Focus on the Family

If you are in Colorado Springs than Focus on the Family is the perfect place to visit. Focus on the Family is completely a family friendly place. At Focus on the Family they have a ten-minute film that lets you have a glimpse into the heart behind Focus on the Family. They also have a kids play area with a three-story slide, along with a Wits end soda shoppe and all sorts of fun rooms including a Narnia Adventure Room, a baby play area, birthday party rooms, a KYDS Radio Studio, a G. Harvey Art Gallery, and last but not least the Discovery Emporium, complete with a puppet stage and reading area. I hope you enjoy focus on the family!






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