Our Class! 17/18


Hi, my name’s Olivia! My favorite animals are cats, wolves, leopards, foxes, and tigers. As for my favorite sport, does martial arts count? Also, I have three cats named Whiskers, who is orange, Loona, who looks like a Siamese cat. Her name means moon in Spanish. Finally, my new kitten, Puma, who is completely black with bluish skin. She’s too serious for a kitten. Her middle name is Tsuki, which means moon in Japanese. Both of my cats’ names mean moon! My favorite T.V. show is Naruto, and my favorite movies are Your Name, Miss. Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children, Princess Monanoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Balto. Okay, that’s all! Bye!


      Hi, my name is Julian and I’m in 5th grade. For the four days I’ve been in this, its my favorite. I have one pet, he is a Chinese Fighting Fish or a Beta. His name is Fred and he’s the size of my finger. And if you couldn’t already tell I’m a gamer. I play a lot of Minecraft but mainly other games. I have a YouTube channel and upload videos to this day. But my favorite thing to do is to give my fish treats and watch him attack the tiny worm things. It is his instinct. He sees the food and making sure no one else takes is he dashes at the food I give him. Honestly it’s quite entertaining. I have two siblings, one was in the same class I am in right now and the same teacher. And that drawing you see, tells you I’m not the best at drawing. But I tried ok? And I’m quite a quick typer. Probably because I use a keyboard most of the day when I’m home. And I’m not told to say this, but Mr. D is THE BEST TEACHER! Our class is mainly focused towards tech, which I’m the best at (not in the class) our class has seven hundred world geniuses. (Not literally but could be) I have a one year old nephew that can walk, talk, and already use bowls for hats. But if you can’t already tell, MY LIFE ROCKS!!! Now to homework…….


Hi, my name is Coy! I love playing video games at home. When I get home, I do homework then I play with my friends. My video game life is amazing. At school I love running and playing soccer or football. I could play any sport. Maybe I don’t know, all I know is sports are amazing. I love hanging out with family it is so much fun!!!! I have two dogs one at my mom’s, one at my dad’s and one cat the cat lives at my dad’s. His name is Baby’s and I love him so much. The dog at my dad’s house is Bobo she is so cute she is 14 years old. The dog at my mom’s name is Chaz and he is three or four, I forget.  I have one sister, no brothers, my sister is in college so I get her big room, yay! I have a two big fears: they are homework and tests. I have the best life ever, I am so happy when I can play with one of my best friends. He plays with me on the PS4, we play a lot together on the PS4. My friends are amazing, they are the best ever. I also love biking,  hiking,  running. I hope my gaming life never ends. I hope my sports/soccer life never ends. My life is the best of the best, I hope it won’t ever end!


My name is Avery. I am ten years old. I like reading Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. Both Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are both pretty much the same thing, both suspenseful. I have one dog and his name is Cisco. I also like playing outside in the rain and in the sun. Playing outside is really fun because we have monkey bars and a swing set. I have one sister and no brothers. My life is awesome!




Hi, my name is Scarlet. I love cats and foxes, they are so cute and amazing. I have three cats their names are Rose, Barbosa, and  Mistick. Barbosa is missing a paw and Rose is missing a leg. There is a fox that has three babies that lives by my house. I named them Fay, Dust, Cream, and spark. I have a great life!




                           Hi, my name is Kari I am in 5th grade.  I really like 5th grade, I like my new friends, also I love my family. I also love my cat Stormy, and my dog Prince, even the little kittens my cat just had. I like to play soccer. I love to read books. My favorite food is Chinese. I think my life is really cool! The only thing I really do not like is when people are upset





Hi, my name is Noah. My favorite thing is Nerf. My favorite video game is Fallout 4. My favorite food is bacon. I have two leopard spotted geckos and I will be getting a cat soon. The names of my geckos are Lucy and Ethel. I don’t know what we will name our cat yet. I like to watch YouTube. My favorite YouTubers to watch are Jacksepticeye, Markiplyer, Dantdm, Coop772, Papa Jake, Logan Paul, and a whole lot more. I like to collect knives, I have about 25 knives, maybe 30. I like to watch The Walking Dead with my mom. I am 11 years old.



Hi, my name is Chase. I play sports, mainly football but I play other sports too. I’m a great gamer. I am the best at Overwach. But my favorite thing to do is play with my dog. My life is so great! 




Hi, my name is Kirstyn, I’m in 5th grade.  I am on a swim team. I like swimming because it is exercise and I am pretty good at it. I also sing in a choir for my church. This is because we go to church, the choir sounds super. I also play the cello for an orchestra. My favorite song on the cello is Classic Sinfonia. It has so many instruments such as cello, viola, and violins.  I have three pets, a snake, a dog and, a cat. Their names are  Rosey, the snake, Biscuit, the dog and Pumpkin, the cat  Now you now about me and my perfect life.




 Hi, my name is Dax, I am in the fifth grade. My favorite game is zombie tag. My second favorite game is groundies. I like sports. My favorite sport is all of them. I also have a dog, his name is Bear. I love to play with my dog outside. I also have a cat his name is Thor. I love to play with him he always is helpful when I am sad. I like math and reading, they are my favorite subjects. My second favorite subject is reading. I am good at reading. My life rocks!





Hi, my name is Chloe. I have two dogs, Sammy he is a Pitbull Whippet, and Alfalfa, he is a poodle mix. My three goats are Rice, Beans, and Lil’G. I do gymnastics and I love anime. I love to read and sew, but my real passion is baking. I can make the best brownies. I like to walk, hike, and bike in this lovely mountain terrain. Life is Good!




     My name is Jennifer. I really like Fifth Grade so far. We’ve already done some cool projects like license plates and Bio poems. I really like to do projects, art, and crafts. I like to make little things for my American Girl Doll. I also like the color pink. It just seems like a happy color. I have three little sisters who can be very annoying — especially the oldest one. I have a dog and a cat. Our cat is very playful. My favorite book series is Harry Potter and I want to start the Percy Jackson series. Now you know a bit about me!




Hello, my name is Elijah and I am awesome. I love playing Big Bang Racing. It is a game where you are an alien in a car. I love swimming, it is so healthy. Fact: swimming has more kicks then soccer, more flips then a cheerleader, more arm swings then football, and less casualties then any sport. I love my pet because he is so fun! His name is Rusty, he is so playful and I love him. So as you can see, my life is awesome.





Hi, my name is Aiden and I am in 5th grade. One fact about me is that I like ice cream and what kind, well it’s chocolate because it tastes so good. Another fact is my brother he is eighteen and he is a cool brother because he has gone on some cool trips around the world. He is good and that’s my brother. I love track it is fun because you run and you get to see your friends take the lead and that’s I why I love track. Thanks for reading about my life.




Hi my name is Amy. I’m in 5th grade and it’s awesome. I have three pets, one dog, one cat, and a fish. Their names are Ziggy, Biscuit, and Pumpkin. I love to watch my fish Ziggy swim. He zigzags and does flips in the water, he’s really fun to watch. My cat Pumpkin is really boring, it’s like he’s always sulking. But Biscuit on the other hand is so sweet, but aggressive, if you try to take her ball. My favorite hobbies are going ice skating/ figure skating! I also like to swim, so that’s why I’m on the swim team. Also, if you didn’t know, Mr. Difiore is awesome. So that’s my life.



Hi, my name is Jeff. I’m in 5th grade my favorite sport is baseball because I went to a camp and we played baseball and I loved it. I love video games and marvel every time a Marvel movie came out I would watch it. My favorite games are Watch Dogs Two and Star Wars Battlefront 2. My favorite music are musicals, it pretty much is Hamilton. Lastly, I love, love, love to draw. I have a great life.




My name is Kailyn. I don’t like school that much I would rather stay home and read. I like to read about wars and attacks. My favorite book is Heroes of 9/11 because my dad is a firefighter. When my teacher tells us we have to do work instead of reading I get really upset and feel like flipping a desk. I also like to write. I am pretty good at writing. I am so excited for when the teacher gives us three words and we have to write about it for example purple, blue, and green. I would write about fairies that bring color to everything. I am also currently writing a book. 

– Kailyn




Hello, my name is Braden. I am in 5th Grade. I love video games such as Minecraft, MK7, and Roblox. I love to eat. Well, I am going through a growth spurt. A BIIIG one. I like to go biking, as I have a mountain bike, and LUV PUGS AND HUGS. Everyone knows that. I love 5th grade so far, and am happy to be back in the fifth grade with my friends. NOW FEAST UR EYES. MWAH!






Hi, I am Ashlynn. My favorite superhero is Superman. I think this because the movies inspired me to be the hero, he inspired me to help others like him. Well, not exactly like him, like a human. Next, I would love to help others by becoming a doctor. I would die to be a doctor. Ha, anyway, as I said, I would love to be a doctor. Also, I would love to train pets. I would because I love animals. Last, but not least, I want to write children’s books. I would love to write books because: 1. I love to write. 2. I love kids. 3. I can go into my world: the writing world.



Hello, My name is Kailey, I am in 5th grade. I love to bike with my family, we all have mountain bikes. I am ten years old, I’ve been at Ute Pass Elementary for four years now. I enjoy being in Ute Pass Elementary and I also love to write stories, some stories with a plan sometimes. Also I like to swim, I am a great swimmer, not to brag or anything. I have three dogs, two cats, and a lizard. My dogs’ names are Mannara, Sammy, and Breese, my cats’ names are Angle and Triplo, my lizards’ name is Amber, in case you were wondering. I love school, I love school because you learn more everyday. Don’t you? I love my live.