Our Class! 2019/20



Hi my name is Myhlah, I am ten years old. I love singing when I can, I like singing any different type of songs. I love the outdoors, I like to play groundies, tag, and hide and seek. I like playing instruments like piano. I love huskies no matter what, they are my favorite animal. My favorite color is teal. I love my cousins Aubriella and Jameson. I am technically adopted. I used to have braces when I was in fourth grade, but I will be getting a second phase with my braces. I had a expander. Now I have a retainer. I have to wear my retainer in at night time. Now you know all about me!



Hey I’m Tera. I’m ten almost eleven. I like art, basketball, and playing video games. I live with my mom, brother, aunt, cousin, and grandma. I love playing basketball with family and friends. I sometimes play outside, but I usually play inside. I like painting things and eating food. I love my life!



Hi, my name is Ezri. I am ten years old. I like watching T.V., drawing, and playing with my puppy.  I live with a younger sister and my mother and father. Now you know a little about me.




Hello, my name is Brianna and I am ten years old. I like to watch Stranger Things, play with my friends, and do contortion. I have an older brother named Braden, too. My friends are Lennon, Lexi, Tera, Adisen, Ezri, Layla, and Ava. I have a dog named Biscuit and he is a mix between a Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever. I love him so much! And that is all about me!





Hello, my name is Karsten. I am ten years old. I like to play basketball, play soccer, and watch Stranger Things. The place that I play in basketball is center. The place that I play in soccer is mid. I am on season two on Stranger Things. I have one brother, a cat, and a fish. My life rocks!





My name is Ella. I’m ten years old. My favorite activities are stilt walking, riding my unicycle, performing, skateboarding, and mountain biking. I live in my house with my mom, my stepdad, my sister , and three dogs. Outside my house are two goats and thirteen chickens. My favorite food is doughnuts and ice cream. Now you know about me!




My name is Mia, I am ten years old. I like archery, board games, and riding my bike. You can almost always find me either riding my bike or with my friends. I also like taking my dog for walks. I live in a house with two pets, three sisters, and my parents. Now you know about me!




My name is Ava. I have many talents like sports and archery. I live with my mom, dad, and brother. I’m very active and I have a lot of energy. I like lots of stuff. My mom and dad run a daycare. That is the summary of my life.






Hey, I’m Lennon. I am ten years old! I live with my mom, little brother, and stepdad. I have two dogs. I love to make slime. I like to swim and go horseback riding! My favorite color is blue and I have only been to the ocean once. Now you know about me!





My name is Brennen I’m ten years old. My hobbies are baseball, fishing, and dirt bikes. I like school, I like P.E., and football. I have two brothers, one sister, three dogs, two cats, one mom, one dad, and two fish. I’m not funny, so I can’t tell jokes. I have two cars. Now you know about me!






Hi, I am Cora. I am ten years old. I like to go rafting, annoy my sister, and sleep. I live with my sister, my mom, my dad, one fish, and four dogs (Pinta, Alamo, Loki, and Cisco). My favorite animal is a fox. My favorite color is soft yellow. My favorite topic in school is writing. Now you know about my life!






Some things I enjoy are playing video games such as Minecraft, Roblox, and Mario. I also like watching YouTube with my pet chihuahua, Butterscotch, along with my other two dogs. Sometimes I go on walks, but I prefer going on short walks outside my house when its not too cold. In my free time, I like editing stuff like videos, animation, and character designs. Another thing about me is that I like to draw on my phone or iPad. My talents are Minecraft Survival, sleeping , drawing, and a few instruments, such as the piano and the recorder. Now you know about me!



I’m Harley. I’m ten. I play three sports. I’m from Texas and recently went to the LLWS with the Marucci Elite and got third place in Gulf Shores Alabama. I went to Nationals with the Brownsboro Bears. I’ve wrecked on my BMX bike once and almost broke my hip. I’ve been in helicopter, but not an airplane. I am inspired by Lebron James and watch all of his games. I have two dogs named Trixie, and Freckles. I live with my little brother, mom, and dad. That’s all about me!




Hi, my name is Quinn. I am ten years old. I love to ski and snowboard. I also love to play musical instruments like the violin and the piano. I like math, reading, and Spanish. I live in a beautiful house with my two brothers, Mom and Dad, and my dog and cats. I love the outdoors and hiking up in the little mountain that is right behind my house. I also love to go to Garden of the Gods to play around in the rocks. I also love to go to Pikes Peak to explore and get donuts at the Summit House! I used to live in Moline, Illinois, which don’t get me wrong was a great place to live, but then I moved to a much better area which is here. Now you know about my life!








Hi my name is Lexi. I’m ten years old. I like to ride horses, hang out with my family and friends, and swim. I live with my mom, my dad, four big brothers, two cats and three dogs. My favorite animal is a panda and my favorite color is blue. I love to play ukulele and I hope to start the violin this year. My favorite school topic is science and math. My life rocks!




Hi my name is Rhys. I am nine years old. I live with my dad, my mom, one dog, and one sister. I like sculls, food, monkeys, and gymnastics. I am in 5th grade Thanks for reading this!.



Hi I’m Aubrey. I’m ten years old. I love watching t.v. and playing with my dogs. I love playing on my trampoline. I like to sports. I love to play with my kitten. Now you know about me.



Hi my name is Mary. I am ten. I am smart and a nice young woman. I can run and I can walk in high heels. I can cross the street at the busstop by myself . I love being in the car and I have to be the best I can.




My name is Zane. I love Minecraft, Fortnite, Battelfield 4,1, 3, and 5. I also play PS 4, 2,  and 3 .I work at a lake down from the school at The Pantry, The Lodge, in the woods. We made a pool, crawdad home, and a bridge. Now you know about me!







Hi, my name is James. I am joyful, funny, and quiet. I am the sibling of Maddie. I love of my mom, my sister, and stop motion animation. I feel happy when it snows. I fear clowns, death, and wasps. I likes to see cookies, ice cream, and presents. I am resident of Cascade. I love my life!




Hi, my name is Adisen. I love gymnastics and I like to go fishing with my dad. I am ten years old. I love to watch movies. My favorite movie is Descendent it is about bad villains entering into the kind world and a girl names Mal fell in love with the prince. She used some of her magic to make the prince fall in love with her. I have a mom, dad, stepdad, and little sister, two dogs, and one cat. Thanks you for reading about me.




I’m a very nice person. I really like to make new friends. I love to sleep a lot, but I really like to play on my phone. I really like to play with my dog Lily. I really like playing Minecraft. I really, really, really like to watch Stranger Things. I live with my mom and dad. I have two dads and I have one older sister. I probably have eight cousins more or less, I don’t know how many cousins. I do know I have a Nintendo Switch. I really love my life!





     Hi, my name is Riley. I am ten years old, almost eleven! At my house I have the cutest dog ever. He’s a Golden Retriever, in my opinion the best breed of dog ever. My dog Toby is almost fourteen! Toby loves to play outside with me and I love it too. I also like to run and play volleyball, plus playing with Toby! I also like to spend time with my mom and my dad and my siblings. I have a tortoise too. Her name is Barbara. She is very smart, funny, and surprisingly fast. Another thing you should know about me is that I love camping and swimming. I also love the color pink, purple, blue and bright blue! Now you know about me!