Our Class 2018/19



Hi, my name is Hann and I’m eleven years old. I like playing instruments, I used to play violin and now I play drums. I play hockey, soccer, and I’ve tried to play basketball but I didn’t make the team. I play video games but I prefer active things like playing an instrument or playing sports. I live in a house of one dog, two sisters, my mom, my dad, and me.



Hello, my name is Isaac. I am ten years old and I like a lot of things a lot. First things first: my favorite animal is a dog or a bear. The reason why its the dog or a bear is because dogs are very loyal and smart and why I like to bears are that they are strong, fast, and independent. Another thing about me is I have one sister and two parents. Now I like my sister in good way, my sister’s name is Sarah, she is strong, energetic, nice, and she loves rock, man, my big sister is cool. The third thing is my grandma’s dogs, they are my favorite dogs. Why my grandma’s dogs are my favorite dogs are they very fun and playful, plus they are Maltese dogs. They are so adorable and fluffy. The last thing about me is I went to California and a lot of places and I love traveling. So why do I go a lot of places is my stepdad likes to go on vacation because my stepdad has to leave for a week doing nonstop work so he needs sweet relief. So those are my favorite things!


Hello, my name is Hannah. I am ten years old. My favorite sport is dance and silks. If you are wondering what silks are it’s basically where you hang from a rope and do cool tricks in the air. I do all sorts of dancing. I have four pets: one dog, one cat, two fish. The one dog is brand new and he is only 11 weeks old. And believe it or not my two fish have been living for 3 years now. And my cat I got when I was 5 years old. My favorite hobby is coloring, doing silks in my house, and last, making up dances. I am actually a pretty good artist. And I have a silk in my house that I saved up for. I like making up dances when I am bored. My favorite color is blue. Why I like the color blue is because it is a very pretty color and it is a relaxing color to me for some odd reason. My favorite kind of animal is a dolphin. Why I like dolphins is because they are really cool and they can do a lot of cool tricks. One time I rode a one. So, there are some cool and fun facts about me.



Hi I’m Xavier and I will be telling you about my favorite things. One of my favorite thing are wolves because they’re fast and they howl. Second my favorite thing is corn on the cob because I like how it tastes and how I feel it crunch. My favorite video game is Fortnite. I like it because it is a gun game. My favorite sport is football. I play it for a sport. I was adopted. I went through three house before I got adopted by my fourth one. I have five siblings in my new house. Three sisters and two brothers. My favorite holiday is Christmas because I get to be with my family on that day.




Hello, my name is Savannah and I am 11 years old, well almost. My favorite sports are running and volleyball because the wind goes through your heart and it is great for your legs so they can grow strong. Also, my favorite sport is volleyball because everyone is just so supportive of you when you lose or win. Also, I have a great family with my mom, dad, cat, and sister who is 13 years old. They help me out all the time and help me when I feel sad. Also, I have great friends, one lives behind me and that is the best thing in the world. That is my great life!


Hello, my name is Laila. I am 10 years old and I love gymnastics. I am in advanced gymnastics and I love it but i am not doing it because I’m going to start tumbling at Trampoline World so I can get my stuff on the floor way better. My friend and I are doing competition at my house so  that I can get better. I do gymnastics at my house everyday on my trampoline and on my mat and beam. My dad is going to buy me a bar that he and I can use because he wants to do pull-ups and then turn our garage into a gym so I can use it for  gymnastic. Then on my free time I play with my guinea pig and he loves me so much. Thank you for reading about me!


Hi, my name is Alyson. I am 10 years old. I have seven pets. My dogs’ names are Mage and Max. I have two cats and three hermit crabs. My cats’ names are Snowflake and Winter and they are twins . My hermit crabs’ names are Mr.Crabs, Lizzie, and Bella. My favorite subject in school is science. I like to make and invent things. I like to camp in the woods with my family. When I am camping I like to  go tubing on the river. My favorite animals are hedgehogs, turtles, sloths and pandas. Turtles can die from plastic bags, so I try to us less plastic for the turtles. They think a Safeway bag is a jellyfish and the eat it and they can die. Hedgehogs can ball up when they are  scared. My favorite thing to do in the winter is to sled down my big hill. I always go down the hill with my big fast sled. Every summer I go to Kansas to visit my grandma and grandpa and go to the aquatic park. All together, that is all about me.


Hello, my name is Grace. I am 10 years old. I have a big brother who is twelve years old and a baby sister who is two months old. My favorite colors are pastel yellow and blue. I like yellow because it reminds me of the sun and I like blue because it reminds me of the sky. My favorite animals are tigers and owls. I like owls because their eyes are big and I like tigers because of their stripes. My favorite sport is gymnastics. I am really good at gymnastics. My favorite food is sushi. I love sushi because I like the texture and the taste of the fish. I have four pets, I have two Leopard Spotted Geckos named Lucy and Ethel and I have two cats named Precious and Butterscotch. My grandma has 24 llamas and a horse. One of her llamas is mine, her name is Day and Night. Day and Night and I walked in a parade and got first place. I love walking llamas, it is really hard to walk them but once you get used to it is really easy and fun. That is my awesome life!


Hello, my name is Chloe! I am ten years old. My favorite animals are cats, zebras, and giraffes. I like them because they all have unique designs on them, and all are different. My favorite colors are pastel yellow, neon blue, and lavender. I like pastel yellow because its looks and makes me feel happy, neon blue because it’s bright and also shows happiness to me, and lavender because it’s calm and light toned. My favorite place to travel to is Arizona. I like Arizona because most of my family lives there, and they make me feel happy. My favorite way to travel is by airplane because it quicker, and there are beautiful views out the windows. My favorite thing to do on my free time is to draw art. It helps my mind have more imagination, so I can think out of the box. My favorite healthy snack is veggie chips. I like them because they are healthy but taste like regular chips. I have two dogs, one cat, and one bird. Thank you for reading about my wonderful life!



Let me tell you about myself. First, let me get started with telling you about what kind of animals are my favorite. My favorite animal is an elephant. The reason why I choose elephants is because I love how they do yoga and let people touch them. My next favorite animal is cats. Why cats are my favorite animal is because they are so soft and they are so cute when they are babies. My next favorite animal is dogs. The reason why I choose dogs is because they are like warm blankets. Next, I’m going to tell you about my friends. I have a lot of friend so I’m am only going to talk about one. The reason why I choose  this one is because she is always so nice to me and she always hangs out with me. My animals are named Maggie, Mylo , Blue, Midnight, and Dodger. Maggie is from Tennessee and she is a miniature poodle and she is so soft and feels like the softest blanket on Earth. She is 3 years old. My next animal is Blue, my other dog. He is always so cute when I go outside to see him. The reason why he is so cute when I go outside is because he always howls for me and so does Maggie and Blue is 10 years old. My next animal is my kitten. She is always so cute when I hold her and she is zero years old. Midnight is my very first cat that I have ever had, she is 15 years old and she is a black cat and that is why we call her Midnight. Next, I am going to tell you about what kind of things that I do in my spare time. The first thing that I do in my spare time is listen to music and I love to sing to the music. The music I love to listen to is, “I Like Me Better”, and “Trumpet”. There are tons of other songs but I don’t want to name all of them. That was my story, hope you liked it.




Hi, I’m Will, I am ten years old. My favorite animal is a fox. My favorite mythical creature is a dragon. I like to draw, sketch, and be creative. My hobbies are making cardboard cars (that you can fit into) and building Lego creations. Last, my favorite cartoon character is Sonic the Hedgehog. Bye!



Hi, my name is Sophia. I’m am ten years old. I have one dog and one cat. What my cat looks like is like a very small tiger with a long tail. Now what my dog looks like is a white wolf but he’s fat and fluffy.
I love gymnastics. I go every Tuesday and gymnastics is where you do handstands and cartwheels and etc. I also like swimming, swimming is where you go in a pool and move your legs and arms, and swim. I like playing outside and inside. The game I play outside is tag where you run when the other person is it. The game I play inside is hide and seek, that’s where you hide when the other person is it. Life is awesome.



Hi, my name is Elija. One of my favorite things to do is playing video games because it really makes me happy when I beat it. My favorite candy is Skittles because they taste great. That is two things about me.



Hi, my name is Evie and I’m going to tell you a little bit about me and my family. I am ten years old and I have one sister, three brothers, and my mom is pregnant with baby number six. I am the second oldest. My older brother is turning twelve in October, my little sister is seven, my little brother is turning six in November, and my baby brother is seventeen months old. My favorite sport is rugby. My favorite part of rugby is tackling and running with the ball and scoring a try. Another thing about me is that I am a strong believer in Jesus Christ. I believe that God sent his son to die for our sins.



Hi, my name is Vaughn. My favorite sport is soccer. I have played soccer for 8 years. Another thing I like to do is skateboard, I can flip on it. Also I like to climb and bike. I also like to do parkour. I mostly do it at my house. That is what I like to do.



Hi, my name is Kyle. I am eleven years old and I live with my parents and my two dogs. My dog’s names are Stella and Daisy. Stella is a Lasset (lab and basset) and is all black with a white stripe down her chest. Daisy is a wired-haired dachshund who is brown with wire-like hair, as the name suggests, and a goatee. Some of my hobbies are coding, baseball, and solving the Rubik’s Cube. Coding is fun because it lets you create whatever you want, only limited to your knowledge in coding. I have created one or two projects for class, and a few for fun at my library’s coding club. Now, to bring you to a different subject entirely, Baseball (to me) IS THE MOST AMAZING SPORT EVER! My favorite positions in baseball are pitcher, first base, and short-stop. I like pitcher because you get to control the game at that position, first base because almost all the plays are at first, and short-stop because you have lots of special requirements to accomplish with the second baseman. Also, I like batting. I am really good at knowing when it’s my pitch to hit, hitting it, and getting on base safely. And yes, you heard me before, I can solve the Rubik’s Cube. And not only that, I can solve a twelve sided version of the Rubik’s Cube. Okay, so now you’re probably thinking ‘Wow I’m blown away. He can’t impress me anymore then he already has.’ Well guess what, I can. Alright get ready for this, (and I mean truly ready because I’m about to blow your socks off with this) my best record for solving the regular Rubik’s Cube is forty-nine seconds! Not joking. Well since I think I’ve impressed you enough with that, let’s just wrap it up here. I mean, I could keep bragging about myself for hours, but I think you can see that that would be pointless considering you can already feel my aura of awesomeness based on these points. So thank you for taking time out of your day to listen to me brag about myself.



Hello, my name is Cameron. I like to play videos games like Fortnite and Roblox, but something I love more than Fortnite is scootering. I love going to the skate park and going down ramps and then jumping is super fun. My favorite restaurant is Pei Wei. My favorite food is sushi. shrimp, and pizza. I love to build Legos in my room, I have ship that is two feet long. I like building things out of cardboard but if we don’t have cardboard I will use cushions. if we don’t have cardboard. Sometimes I will build forts out of cardboard that are designed for my cats. I love sports like baseball. Ilove it because hitting the baseball is just fun in general. Also, playing catch is really fun. My life is fun!



Hi, my name is Maddie. I am funny because I make you laugh all the time and I say tons of jokes and make very bad puns. When you get to know me better you’ll probably be the first one to say hello. My favorite animal is a rat because the have black eyes and soft ears. They are as soft as new born rat.