Our Class 2021/22



Hi, my name is Tucker. I am ten years old and I like to go play outside and ride my electric scooter. I like to play video games and watch YouTube. I also love to go trail riding with my dad. i like to go on bike rides with my mom. I also like to have nerf wars. That is a little bit of my life!





My name is Drake. I am ten years old. I love to play hockey. I am a really kind person. I like space because NASA workers discover new things every day. I have one brother. That is my life!




Hi my name is Nadia. I like dogs, cats, nachos, and, well,  just food. I do not like raw onions and homework. And now you know a little about me.





Hi,  I am Sage and this is the story of my life. I like to have a lot of fun. I am good at math and good with pets. I have a cat. I have a sister and a brother. That is my life!




Hi, I’m Cayden. I like playing video games and I also like playing basketball. I don’t like onions. I love Lamborghinis and Bugattis. i also love pizzaI i love sushi and sauces too. I’m eleven.  I was born in Colorado. And that’s my life.




Hi, I’m Carys. I like doggos, fries in frosties, and chips. I was born in Colorado Springs and raised in Cascade. My cousins all live in Michigan and I miss them. I have two dogs and their names are Koda and Ally. I also have a cat named Kenai.  My favorite sport is baseball. That’s all about me.




Hi! I’m Desmond and I like being called Desi. I like jumping on my trampoline at home and  alsoI  like playing with my cat and dog. I have one brother who is a lot of fun to play with. Some hobbies of mine include: typing, rolling on my trampoline, and trying to do a front flip! I like making friends but I do get shy some times. I have one friend who’s name will not be stated. Some things I dislike include: writing, hurting my neck on the trampoline, and sitting for long periods of time! That’s stuff you might need to know if you meet me!



Hi! My name is Emile. I am eleven years old and I am in 5th grade. I enjoy DJing, (I have a pioneer DDJ 200), playing with my younger brother, playing with my puppy, playing board games with my family, watching movies with my family, and playing Roblox on my iPad. Now you know what my life is like!




 Hi, my name is Isaiah. My favorite sport is soccer. I really like to play airsoft, it really fun. I have three siblings and lots of friends. They are fun to play with too. I have gone to Ute Pass for three years. I have had a lot of good teachers. My favorite thing to do on my free time is jump on the trampoline and do backflips. That is my life.





Hi, my name is Olivia. I’m ten, almost eleven. I love cats and dogs. I love to play soccer. I have two brothers and two baby cousins on the way. I have braces. I am really good at mathematics and I am also good at basketball. That is my life!


Brody V



Hello, my name is Brody V. My favorite sports are soccer and trials. I am ten years old and my favorite subject is Social Studies. I like sushi and ramen, and I would love to go to Japan. One of of my favorite hobbies is cooking, I like making dinner for my family. So that is a little bit about me.






Hi, my name is Rozlyn. I love to be outside. My favorite thing to do outside is riding my bike, swing, and run around. My favorite t.v. show is The Mighty Ones. I used to have a cat named Mittens but he died. The high school I’m going to go to is Pikes Peak Academy. I Like to ride horses. This is my life.



Hi, my name is Claire I have two dogs, three cats, bunnies, fish, and a tortoise. My favorite sports are horse back riding, baseball, and I love to run. Favorite animal are wolves, horses, and I love German shepherds. My  favorite foods are chicken nuggets, steak, fruits, spicy stuff, and I love candy too!  Favorite things to do in my free time is I love to play video games and do crafts with my neighbors and friends. I also love calling my friends and playing with my sister and rabbits. I also love to play outside. 





Hello I’m Jacobi. I like sports, drums, and  games on my screens. I love school too. I’m ten years old I’m in 5th grade. My favorite subject is math. I love playing with my friends and family and I have a really big dog. I love playing with my sister and big brother, it’s so fun. And now you know about me.






My name is Jax. I am ten years old and I love soccer and my dad. My favorite thing to play at recess is soccer. I like to bike ride, fish, and camp out in the woods with my dad. I like the ocean. I like to play football with my brother,  draw with my sister, and listen to music. And that’s my life!



I’m Ryan and I like cars and pirates. I have a dog named Elly. I love my dog. My dad  makes stuff for doctors to help people and lives in an earthship home made out of stucco and wheels.  My favorite car is a Dodge Charger. My mom is a massager and helps a lot of people. I play video games like Fortnight and Mario Kart and like to play Forza 4. I live in the forest and get a good view of the sunset. My dad and I went to a bug museum with thousands of bugs and butterflies. There was a big beetle, it was huge. That is my life!






Hello, my name is AJ. I’m a gamer. I love reading. I also love eating. I hate writing. My favorite subject in school is science, my least favorite is math. I love the outdoors. My favorite animal is a wolf. My favorite food is pineapple, I hate licorice sticks I love my ATV, I ride with my dad and when I get of my ATV it feels like my legs have not been used all day. That is my life!




My name is Ryder, I live in Green Mountain Falls. I like to go camping and ride my dirt bikes. I like to watch YouTube videos about car games. Me and my baby sister like to play together. I have a Nintendo switch and I like to play games on it.





Hi, my name is Tanner. I’m ten years old and I LOVE playing soccer! My favorite subject is spelling. My favorite music is trap and rap. My favorite snack is peanut butter banana, brown, sugar sandwiches. That is me!

Brody J



Hi, my name is Brody. I like to run and I like chocolate. I have two siblings: Chloe and Jack. I am athletic and energetic. I love to play video games and watch YouTube. I don’t really like movies unless its a cool one.  I like vacation. I’ve gone to Florida, California, and many more like Idaho. One time I broke my right leg. Now you know about me!