Our Class 2020/21


Hi, my name is Acacia. I’m ten and almost eleven. I love to run, play outside, and play with my brother. I like foxes. I also like playing in my treehouse, playing with my friends, and playing hide in seek. I love playing with my dolls and Alonso. I like to color and sometimes dance and sing. I like to type and play games on electronics. I have a mom, a dad, a stepmom, a sister, a brother, and a stepdad. I have two dogs. Now you now what I do!



Hi, my name is Louis. My favorite thing to do is to play with my friends and have fun. My next favorite thing to do is to play tag with my friends. My third favorite thing to do is to play hide and go seek. My fourth favorite thing to do is to play video games. I am funny, kind, silly, crazy, and a little bit noisy. This is who I am!



Greetings, my name is Nekoda, I like pizza, and burgers, and ice cream. I also enjoy chocolate. My favorite color is green and I like the outdoors. I also like pools and hotels. My favorite thing to do is read or play video games. I like traveling and playing video games with my older brothers too. I also like it when I get to eating potato chips while I play video games. I have three brothers and five sisters. I also have a fun time watching plays and eating. Now you’re caught up on me!




Hi, I’m James. I like to play football and soccer. I like to play video games like Apex, Fortnight, and Warzone. I also like to play with my mom and hang out with my dad. I like to ride dirt bikes. That is all about me!


Hi, I’m Noshan and I have a mom and two brothers. One is seven and one is three. My favorite sport is baseball. My favorite thing to do is swimming. I like my life, my heart, my brain, and my nerves!



Hi, my name is Joshua, I prefer Josh. I’m nine, about to turn ten. I love to play soccer and I love to collect things. I love parrots and giraffes. I always make people laugh especially little kids. A cool fact is I’m part Viking. Now you know a little bit about me.



Hi, my name is Ady. I am ten years old. My favorite color is teal, some of my favorite animals are wolves, mountain lions, and snow tigers. I have four cats, their names are Birdie, Lucy, Sophie, and Pepper and. I also have one dog named Charlie. My hobby is soccer. I have two brothers and two sisters. Now you know some things about me.


Hi, my name is Aisley. I am 10 years old. I am a big fan of sushi and BLTs. I also like to do gymnastics, dance, and baseball. I have a nice family as well. I have two younger sisters, one is a 3 years old, and one is 8 years old, and a mom and dad, i have two dogs too. I have a dingo and a panda pug. The dingo’s name is Sam I am, Sam, for short The panda pug’s name is Puddle. I hope you learned some things about me.



Hi, I’m Ayden. I like cake, burgers, and pizza. Also, some of my family have been in historical moments. My family is unique and very cool. My papa was in the Vietnam war and that’s one of the most amazing wars. Also, I think they’re very talented. I’m mostly the gamer in the family. Now you know a little bit about me.





Hello, my name is Benjamin. It’s my pleasure to share some stuff about me. I like burgers, brats, and fries. My favorite sport is football. I think you know my hobby. If you thought football, you are correct. I have two siblings and obviously a mom and a dad. I have 7-8 animals. My best friend and I have had many adventures together. We are best buddies. I have been glad to share this with you.



Hi, my name is Brayden. I like pizza and ice cream. I have a little sister. I also have nana and my gramps who is 49 years old. I like to play soccer and football. I have a pretty big family. I used to live in Oklahoma, and I have been to 4 states. I also have 3 dogs, ones name is Rosco, next is Shiain, also Malachi. Now you know more about me!




Hello, my name is Ethan. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite hobby is soccer, I played baseball, flag football, basketball, and soccer. I have 1 brother, 3 dogs, 7 chickens, and 2 turtles, I love animals. Now you know about me!



Hi, my name is Atticus. My family is one brother, a mom, a dad, and one uncle. I like games! I love my life.




Hi, my name is CJ. I moved to Colorado from Minnesota this summer. I like to play soccer and basketball. I have an older sister, four dogs, eight goats, and eleven chickens. Now you know a little about me!





Hi, my name is Bacilio. I like to do archery and throwing knives. This one time I went cliff jumping and it was awesome, there was a waterfall and everything. Once for my tenth birthday I got to jump off a yacht and I drove a jet ski, it was a lot of fun. Well, now you know about me!





Hi, I’m Nolan. I’m always happy. I love being outside climbing. I love art. I am extremely creative! My favorite food is steak. My favorite color is blue. I am strong. Lastly, I love animals!