Our History!

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is located on a high, flat plain at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. It can be pretty mild and dry. Colorado Springs is 186 square miles, 6035 feet above sea level, and the population is 360,890. Colorado Springs is on the south of Denver and it is within El Paso County. It was founded on July, 31st, 1871. Colorado Springs has many, many, beautiful views to look at and take nice photos.

– Ezri



The Man on the Iron Horse

Your probably were wondering who The Man on the Iron Horse is? The Man on the Iron Horse is in downtown Colorado Springs. His name was William Jackson Palmer and he was the founder of Colorado Springs. Palmer founded Colorado in 1871 when he was forty-five years old. He was born September 18, 1836 in Delaware. When Palmer was thirty-five he fought in the American Civil War. He was captured after the Battle of Antietam. He married Mary Lincoln in November 7, 1870. After that, he had three daughters that were named Elise, Dorothy, and Marjory. When Palmer was older, he fell off a horse and became paralyzed from the neck down. He died on March 13, 1909, in Colorado Springs.

– Tera



Ute Pass

    You won’t believe all the history we have on Ute Pass. To start off, lets talk about Pikes Peak! The Pikes Peak Carriage road opened in 1888. Also, a lot of people wanted to go up on the carriage ride up Pikes Peak, by the time it opened. Later, Chipita Lodge opened. It was mostly made out of logs and stones and was opened in 1928. Now lets talk about info all over Cascade. The North Pole amusement park opened in 1956 and is still running today. There also was a railroad station that opened in 1890, and closed down in 1906. And last, but not least, Ute Pass Elementary School. Ute Pass Elementary School was built in 1969. I hope you learned a lot about Cascade, Chipita Park, and Pikes Peak.

– Brianna


         Waldo Canyon Fire


The Waldo Canyon Fire started on June 23, 2012, and ended July 10, 2012. It lasted seventeen days. The fire covered 18,247 acres (29 sq mi; 74 km sq). Over 32,000 residents of Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, and Woodland Park were evacuated. There were 346 homes destroyed by the fire. It was in Pike National Forest. The flames seemed to reach 150 feet above the treetops. By Thursday July, 5, it was 90% contained. The insured losses cost was 453.7 million in June, 2012. By June, 2014, almost 250 houses that had been burned down were rebuilt out of 347 houses. It was the most destructive fire in Colorado state history, as measured by the number of homes destroyed, until the Black Forest surpassed it almost a year later when it consumed 486 homes and damaged 28 others. Now you know about the Waldo Canyon Fire!

– Lexi




Denver was founded on a claim, it happened on November 1858. The scene was prairie wilderness. When the capital was first built, only slate and copper roofed the dome of the building. But F.E. Edbrook, who became advisory architect in 1898 (eight years after the cornerstone was laid), had the idea of gilding the dome with real gold leaf in 1901 and it was completed in 1908. Next, we are going to talk about The Brown Hotel. No hotel in America has more bizarre history than Denver’s Brown Hotel. Built in 1892, it was named after the man who donated the land to build the Capitol: Henry C. Brown. The hotel was often the scene of strange going-ons, from prize bulls in the lobby, to murders in the bar. It was once bought by W.C. Stratton, the “Midas of the Rockies”, so that he could prevent the creditors from kicking out his old friend H.C. Brown. In conclusion, Denver has had such a lively past!

– Quinn


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