Our History!


 Chipita Park


In the year of 1872, a man named William Baker purchased 1,000 acres of land that we now call Chipita Park. In this property there was a valley. In this valley there was a hotel. This hotel was the pride of Chipita Park. It was called The Ute Hotel. Houses were built around the hotel. This was called the “Newport Plan”. There was a man named Frank W. Marcroft that had decided to name the area, “Chipita Park”. Later, Frank Marcroft had a heart attack. Fun Fact! Chipita is actually spelled, “Chipeta”. There is a lake in Chipita Park that is 5 acres long.

– Olivia




Pikes Peak



There is a mountain in Colorado called Pikes Peak.  Travelers have been there exploring for many years. The explorer who found Pikes Peak was Zebulon Pike.  The mountain is home to many animals for example deer, beaver, bear, and many more animals. Pikes Peak is the second most visited mountain by tourists in the whole wide world (Mt. Fuji is the first).

– Dax


 Chapel of the Holy Rosary

The Chapel of the Holy Rosary believes and worships the religion of Roman Catholic. This uniquely designed church resides at the base of Pikes Peak in Cascade, Colorado. The elevation is 7,391 feet. The man who supervised the building of this chapel was Charles E. Thomas. This chapel was blessed on July 31, 1931.




Woodland Park

Woodland Park

Hi, today we’re time traveling to the 1800s and 1900s in a big town we call Woodland Park. So, let’s go. In the 1890, the new site in Woodland Park was named Manitou Park. About 200,000 railroad ties were sent from oodland park. In 1920 the interest of the rodeo expanded fast. Today’s annual ute trail stamped location is the old

railroad grounds. In 1940 three giant gambling areas were placed even on the map as a place to to have fun.


In 1940, three big gambling areas were made. It probably took a long time I mean three giant gambling areas that took forever. Lewis and other men made a place called park redo. 200,000 railroad track shipped to Woodland Park, yes that’s right 200,000, that’s so many. There was a new business made in Woodland Park. Woodland Park was called Manitou Park that’s probably why Manitou is called Manitou. Lastly, the Harvey House was a stop for the travelers who were tired.

– Jefferson


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