Our History!


 Denver, Colorado has a lot of growth in history over the years and secrets we wish we have discovered.
The Mile High City is a place in Denver and has a lot of attractions that helped grow Colorado. One of the biggest attractions is Red Rocks Stage. Red Rocks is a place where there are lots activities and bands perform. Another attraction is the 14 thousand foot mountain called Mount Evans which is a place where lots of people hike. The main reason why people come to the Mile High City is because of the thin air. Colorado has the thinnest air in the U.S.A. One of the biggest reasons why people vacation to Denver, Colorado was because everybody wants to go to Elitch Gardens. Elitch Gardens is an amusement park built and finished in the year 1891. Elitch Gardens is also a big tourist attraction and is very successful. Over the years Elitch Gardens expanded with new rides and gift shops, along with new activities.
Denver is possibly the best town to ski. Mainly because it is two hours away from the Continental Divide which gives great snow and cold weather in the winter. There are plenty of ski resorts all around Denver each one better than the other. With the mass amount of people coming for skiing, all these companys get great business and the companys with the best profit rent cheap skis.
Denver, Colorado has a lot of history built off of tourists and also political history. Denver has had amazing growth and improvements over the years. Go tell your teacher about what you learned about Denver, Colorado’s history.



Woodland Park

Did you know that in the 1800s the picturesque Woodland Hotel was built overlooking the town by John Anisfield of Cleveland, Ohio? Also a railroad spur ran from the station close to the Woodland Hotel. From there, train passengers could watch the popular baseball games at the field built by the Woodland Park Amusement Company.
During the growth of Cripple Creek and Victor, the traffic through Woodland Park boomed. Also, trains back in the day would bring thousands of men through town. Stages left everyday for the mines of Manitou Park and West Creek. Even the hills around Woodland were dug up with mine digs. Did you also know about the five saw mills? It turned out millions of feet of red spruce and yellow pine lumber were shipped to the front range cities and mining towns. 200,000 railroad ties were shipped every year from Woodland Park. Did you also know that Woodland Park has changed from a dusty stage stop to the fastest growing community in Ute Pass and Teller County? This 1889 article in the Republic newspaper describing Woodland Park still seems relevant today: “Nature designed this spot as a resting place for the weary and overworked humanity as well as for those who have a love for the grand and beautiful and the means to enjoy them. The only thing lacking was wealth and energy of man to smooth down the rough places and supply those accessories to pleasure and comfort which nature cannot provide.”
My last paragraph about the Woodland Park development is a schizophrenic piece. Woodland Park was a health resort, a family town, and a settlement of rowdy mining and lumber men. Woodland Park has lots of interesting history!

– Miranda



William Jackson Palmer


There is a statue of a man on a horse across from Palmer High School in Colorado Springs. The man on the horse is William Jackson Palmer. He was the founder of Colorado Springs. William Jackson Palmer was a civil engineer soldier. In the USA Army his rank was a colonel. He got the Medal of Honor citation. He was an important man!


– Elija



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