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We are now blogging on 100WC! Post your weekly blog on our Kidblog 100WC page. Be sure to make it public! This is a blogging challenge in which we write creatively using 100 words or less! We have comments from all over the world.



Classes we are teamed up with:


Mr. Kilcoyne’s Year 5 Class from Ley Hill School, Chesham in Buckinghamshire, which is a county that is about 30 miles from Central London.






Mr. Kipfer’s Class – Central Perth Elementary School – a 5/6 class near Stratford, Ontario, Canada









Blog Commenting

Commenting on other blogs is a skill easily attained by following a few simple practices:

Be nice to each other.   Don’t be mean to other commenters.  Even bloggers have feelings.  We’re putting ourselves out there for the world to read our thoughts.

Connect to the post.  Have a point when you comment on someone’s blog.  Don’t ramble.

Read the whole post before you comment.   Don’t just comment on the comments.  This will help you write a thorough and thoughtful comment.

White space is your friend.  It’s hard enough to read from a computer screen.  Use short sentences, and short paragraphs.  Write in an active voice.  At least try to be grammatically correct.

Here are a few comment starters that can help raise questions and provide useful feedback for bloggers.

  • This made me think about…….
  • I wonder why…….
  • Your writing made me form an opinion about…….
  • This post is relevant because…….
  • Your writing made me think that we should…….
  • I wish I understood why…….
  • This is important because…….
  • Another thing to consider is…….
  • I was reminded that…….
  • I can relate to this…….
  • This makes me think of…….
  • I discovered……
  • I don’t understand…….
  • I found myself wondering…….

– from Mrs. Casey