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We are now blogging on 100WC! Post your weekly blog on our Kidblog 100WC page. Be sure to make it public! This is a blogging challenge in which we write creatively using 100 words or less! We have comments from all over the world.



Classes we are teamed up with:


Mrs. Gold’s Class 507e

Grade 5







Ms. Meehan’s Class

Years 1-8 (5-13years)

“Our senior school is named Rakau = meaning wood or forest, and in the area we have three classes of students from Years 5-8.”






Ms. Christiansen’s Class

Three sections of 7th grade ELA

















Blog Commenting

Commenting on other blogs is a skill easily attained by following a few simple practices:

  • Be nice to each other. Don’t be mean to other commenters, bloggers have feelings. We’re putting ourselves out there for the world to read our thoughts.
  • Connect to the post.  Have a point when you comment on someone’s blog.  Don’t ramble.
  • Read the whole post before you comment. Don’t just comment on the comments.  This will help you write a thorough and thoughtful comment.
  • Use sentences and short paragraphs.  Write in an active voice.  Always try to be grammatically correct.

Here are a few comment starters that can help raise questions and provide useful feedback for bloggers.

  • This made me think about…….
  • I wonder why…….
  • Your writing made me form an opinion about…….
  • This post is relevant because…….
  • Your writing made me think that we should…….
  • I wish I understood why…….
  • This is important because…….
  • Another thing to consider is…….
  • I was reminded that…….
  • I can relate to this…….
  • This makes me think of…….
  • I discovered……
  • I don’t understand…….
  • I found myself wondering…….

– from Ms. Casey