Our Mystery Narratives




We have been studying the genre of mystery writing and have written our own mysteries. Enjoy!


The Kidnapping by Grace

“I’ll see you tomorrow Alyson,” I said.
Alyson and I just had a sleepover, but she had to go home because she wasn’t feeling well. I looked out the window and I didn’t see Alyson, but I saw Hannah walking on the sidewalk. I just thought Alyson had already got in her car.
The next day at school I realized Alyson wasn’t at school, usually she is at school. So I asked Kyle if he would help me find Alyson.
The suspects were Hannah, Vaughn, and Sophia. Hannah was a suspect because she was walking around outside my house yesterday when Alyson left. Vaughn was a suspect because Alyson and Vaughn got in a fight. Sophia was a suspect because she was jealous of Alyson because she is tall and Sophia is small, she always gets mad a her because it.
Detective Kyle decided to question each suspect. He questioned Hannah first. He asked her, “Why she was walking around my house?”
She said, “I was walking to my friends house.” Kyle asked her friend if Hannah was at her house yesterday.
She said, “No, she wasn’t at my house.” Kyle questioned Vaughn next, we heard him talk to his friends about Alyson at recess. He asked Vaughn what he said about Alyson?
Vaughn said, “ I told my friends I felt bad for fighting with her because that might be the last thing she heard from me.”
Lastly, Kyle questioned Sophia and she said, “I would never kidnap someone just because I am small and they are tall.
We went back to my house to see if we could find any clues. We were looking around in the snow and we found a flashlight. Kyle picked the flashlight up and put it in an evidence bag. We looked for footprints, but we didn’t find any.
We looked for fingerprints on the flashlight. The only fingerprints were Alyson’s. I thought she didn’t have a flashlight at my house, maybe she did. Where did it come from?
The next day at school Sophia gave Kyle a suspicious look. So he decided to question her one more time to see if she would confess. Kyle asked Sophia questions like, “why did you give me a suspicious look?” He asked her many other questions, too. She felt so pressured that she said, “Ok, ok, I took Alyson. When she left your house I drove my car next to Alyson and reached out and grabbed her. I don’t know where the flashlight came from.”
“Where is Alyson?” Kyle asked.
“She is in the trunk of my car.” Sophia replied.
We took Sophia to jail and went to find her car. We went to her house and there was her car. We opened the trunk, we were surprised to find nobody. Where was Alyson?
Kyle and I wanted to talk to Sophia, so we went back to the jail to talk to Sophia. We asked her where Alyson was because she wasn’t in her car. She said, “That is where I left her.” We forgot to call Sophia’s parents to tell them what was happening, so we called them. When they came they said, “Sophia was with them on Sunday. Sophia said “It was true, I just don’t want her to go to jail.”
Sophia was covering for someone and we know who. She said, “I just don’t want HER to go to jail. Hannah took Alyson and Sophia took the blame for it.
Kyle and I went to Hannah’s house and arrested her, she went to jail. We searched Hannah’s house for Alyson. We were walking downstairs and we heard Alyson yell. I untied her and we went upstairs. Alyson went back to her family and we made sure something like this would never happen again.


The Hotel Theft by Hann

One cold stormy night, the hotel was full. Full of crying babies, whining tourists, and a whole bunch of noise. While I was arguing with every customer at the front desk, a rather wealthy looking man walked in. He however, did not argue. He was a rather polite gentleman, and he was very calm as if there wasn’t a gigantic blizzard happening outside. As I guided him to his room he had recognized two people, Butch, who was the cook, and Suzy, who took care of room service.
The next morning as I was walking toward the front desk, Butch, the man himself greeted me. Before I could say anything he blurted. “You’ve gotta’ get him out of here!”
“Bob… the rich man.”
“Well, long story short, a couple years ago he borrowed $500, when the $500 turned into $5,000.”
“Oh my! Well, we legally can’t kick him out of here.”
Before I could finish my sentence he stormed off like a four year old having a fit.
That night I got what seemed like no sleep. The people above me sounded like they were having a party in a hotel room. I went upstairs to find that I was right. The was food on the floor, music blaring, and cake in somebody’s face who was asleep on the floor. I felt bad for Suzy.
The next morning Suzy was quick to clean up the party when I found Bob, who also looked like he didn’t get his eight and a half hours of sleep, wandering around the hotel lobby.  “Sir, can I do anything for you?”
“Please, can I get a coffee with three shots of espresso?”
“Yes, anything else?”
“Umm, can you help me find my briefcase of money?”
As I was fetching Butch for the highly caffeinated coffee I thought to myself, do people actually have briefcases of money? Then it hit me, did Butch steal back the $5,500 from Bob?It was all making sense. “Butch, Bob needs his money,” I said.

“He already has enough.”
“You know it’s wrong to steal other people’s money.”
“I wish Bob knew that,” Butch said
“Just give him his money back.”
“What money? I think you have the story backwards! He stole the money from me!”
“The briefcase of money, Butch.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Forget about it!”
I went back to the front desk only to find Suzy speeding down the hall. I yelled her name just in time to catch her. “What’s the matter Suzy?”
“Oh, just a little behind from cleaning up the party.
It was a slow day at the desk and it was dark at 4:30 P.M. The snow was coming down and it was not going to stop anytime soon. That was for sure. We were getting an average of six inches of snow an hour.
The next day, at 6:00 A.M., I came out of my room to find the door smothered in so much snow you couldn’t see outside. I tried the door and it wouldn’t budge. I wondered how tall the snow was, so I went to the second, third, fourth, and fifth floor to find more snow. I went downstairs to try the intercom. That didn’t work, so I had to walk to every door to tell people that they would not leave today.
I walked down to the front desk only to realize there would be no customers. That is when I decided to figure out who stole Bob’s money. I gathered only two suspects, Butch and Suzy. I know Butch is a good man and he would never do that, but what about Suzy? She all of a sudden became super happy. She was less talkative and for some reason she smiled a lot. I called Butch and Suzy down to my office and asked who stole the money. “No, what money?” Suzy blurted.
“No,” Butch said confidently. I came to conclusion Suzy stole the money. Every time I saw her she let out a mysterious laugh. She was never happy, she’s a maid. She always smiled. Whenever Bob asked her to find his money she said, “I don’t know?” and walked off.
When the snow dried she was arrested and was fired immediately, she gave every last penny back to Bob.

The Finding by Hannah

It was the last day of school as all the first graders were playing basketball at the school court. The bell rang with excitement all of the kids ran as fast as they could to the door, except one. As all the kids got in the classroom about to leave Miss Harvey said to them, “Does anyone know where Cody went?’’ No answer was heard. Miss Harvey went to go check outside and there was no one there. Miss Harvey started looking all around the school. Then the bell rang. All the kids rushed out. Cody was still missing.
Two more hours passed from when the bell rang and Miss Harvey kept looking and Cody’s family was expecting him home, so his four sisters Hannah, Evie, Grace and Alyson went to go see where he had been. First they checked at the neighborhood park and he didn’t seem to be there. So they went to go see if he was at the school. They checked in every classroom, but they didn’t see anything. Then out of no where Evie heard a sound. She said “did you guy here that” It sounded like it was coming from the lunch room. So all four of his sisters ran to the lunch room where the sound was heard. All they saw was the cafeteria aide cleaning the school, but he looked very suspicious. He normally doesn’t clean for more then a hour. They all moved on because they thought it was normal.
After looking for many many hours they ran into Miss Harvey. They started talking about Cody and how he was missing and wasn’t to be seen. Then Miss Harvey said, “ Well I better go now, my family is expecting me. Good luck finding Cody.” They all said bye to Miss Harvey.
Now they all started to get nervous, they had been looking for a long long time, they were getting tired and exhausted from looking. Then, out of know where there was a high schooler walking on a trail by the school he had his head down and his hands behind his back. All four of the girls thought he looked like he was the one who took there brother. So they ran up to him and Grace quickly said, “Have you seen a first grader about this short and has brown curly hair and his named is Cody.’’ She took a deep breath.

Then he said, “I don’t know any Cody and I sure didn’t take him.’’ Alyson got very angry because she had a feeling that he was lying. He ran off. Hannah said sarcastically, “well that wasn’t suspicious at all. They followed the high schooler home and nothing happened. All it lead them to was his house. They followed the trail back to the school to check if the cafeteria aide was still there and if she was then they thought there had to be something up.
As they got to the school they ran down to the cafeteria and they saw Mr. Falcon making a meal. They thought it was weird so they asked him why he was making a meal in the school kitchen and not at his kitchen. He said, “Well the oven is not working at my house so I just decided to come here.”

Hannah said, “Well anyways have you seen him around.”

Mr. Falcon said, “nope I have been here cooking my meal.’’ They all moved on then they noticed that the cafeteria aide was holding Cody’s hand and walking on the trail they ran outside and rushed to Cody Grace yelled, “Give us back our brother.” Cody said, “Let me go with them.” In a tiny sad voice.

The cafeteria aide said, “Oh I wasn’t doing anything I was just helping him study for his test.’’ Evie said “You’re helping him study for a test on the first day of summer?’’


The girls took Cody away from him and Grace said, “You are in huge trouble.’’ They ran away.
As Cody, Hannah, Grace, Alyson and Evie got back from fining Cody for more then two hours their parents ran up to them and started asking a lot and a lot of questions, like why were you missing, what was wrong, and lots of others. They all explained to there parents all the details on what happened. So there parents called the police and the cafeteria aide got in big trouble.
When the cafeteria aide got to the police station they asked him why he took Cody. He said that he was lonely and he needed someone. So for what he did he went to jail for a year.
That was the day Cody Chambers went missing.


The Death of Sarah Crine by Isaac

One day, John, Sarah, and Jay boarded the train 33-33-33 with a strange man who was wearing a black coat and hat with some black boots. He claimed to be a “detective”. Already the teens were suspicious.
On the train the three talked to this “detective”, who called himself Detective Noir. Jay asked, “Why are you here Detective Noir?”
Detective Noir replied “I just ride this train often, and due to strange events happening, not too many people ride this train often, so I felt suspicious about the three of you kids, so I followed you.”
As the conversation continued the train came to a quick halt. The lights went pitch black. Noir and Sarah heard footsteps and then a loud bang. Noir got out a flashlight and saw John holding a crowbar and Jay passed out on the floor. Noir was about to make an arrest, but John kept telling Detective Noir, “It’s not what it looks like, I was trying to defend myself.” But, Sarah believed him and the pressure got to her so she knocked out Noir with the taser that the detective had, and then she dropped the taser in shock of what she did. Then a voice said, “Bad idea.”
The lights went back on and Noir woke up and there lied  Sarah dead on the floor and Jay holding a knife. Noir immediately got up and grabbed the taser and tased Jay before anyone else got hurt or died. Noir called the police and Jay got arrested.
Two weeks later there was a funeral held for Sarah Crine who died a tragic death at nineteen years old, no one would have guessed why Jay killed Sarah, they were friends for two years. The train got renamed The Sarah Train in honor of her. John visited Sarah’s grave everyday to tell her something new that happened in his life. Without Sarah in the neighborhood it was very different. But as soon as John got home from the grave yard no one was there.

All that was left was a burned down house and ashes and what seemed to be Jay hiding in the shadows, but how? Had he turned on us? “It might be mystery that can never be solved,” Detective Noir remarked.


Missing T.V.s by Kyle

As I filed into the room, joking around with Cameron and Vaughn, I saw an important looking announcement scrawled on the board. Extra Art Assignment for Dr. Seuss Day! I wondered what it could possibly be. I was excited. I loved surprises and thought it would be interesting. I never imagined how interesting it would actually turn out to be.
It ended up I didn’t have to wait long to find out what it was, as Mr. D took attendance and marched us straight down to the art room. Mr. Johnson was waiting there for us, along with about twenty pieces of paper and a ready smile.
“All right, gang, for Dr. Seuss Day next week, we are going to make some Truffula Trees out of our hand prints.”
I admit it was a kiddy project, but fun and easy to do, so I completed it without complaint. I glanced up and saw the example that Mr. Johnson was working on. It had a perfectly drawn trunk and his hand prints were so clear that you got the feeling that you were staring at perfection.
As I was gawking at Mr. Johnson’s masterpiece, I noticed something neon green out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head just in time to see a “Super Deluxe Ultra Bouncy Ball” thud into my nose. Roy had thrown it. Of course he had. I sighed. The whole class was laughing at me. I could understand why. The incident had probably been the funniest thing since epic fail videos were invented. That didn’t mean I liked it.
The rest of the school day went by in a flash. We had a super long math test that Mr. D said would take him forever to grade. But, other than that, the day passed uneventfully. Luckily, I didn’t see Roy’s bouncy ball after lunch, and the whole incident seemed to have faded from my mind. That is, until I went to the arcade with Cam and Vaughn.
The easiest route was right past the school, and that’s the way we went. We were joking around and shoving each other when something cracked under my foot. I raised my leg, and found that I had stepped on a piece of glass. I looked up and gasped in surprise when I saw that the whole window to our classroom was shattered on the lawn in front of our school.
Lying next to it was a bright green “Super Deluxe Ultra Bouncy Ball”. I peeked inside. Everything appeared to be normal except the spot where our TVs normally were.
They were gone. In it’s place were a bunch of rather perfect looking handprints left in the dust on the wall.  I glanced at my watch. 5:35. It was just thirty-five minutes after the school locked its doors completely; nobody could get in with a key, and nobody could get out with a key. Only a person familiar with our school could have done this, because otherwise they would have no idea when our school locked down. The fact that Roy was the main suspect didn’t surprise me. He was always pulling stunts like this. Still, something kept bothering me. I knew it was Roy who stole the TVs, but some of the evidence just didn’t fit. The handprints looked too perfect to be real, and something else seemed out of whack too.
When I exited the room, Officer Rick was already standing there, notepad in hand, and asking questions.
We told him about how Roy had been bouncing the same bouncy ball earlier that day, and that the handprints looked to be about Roy’s hand size. He wrote this all down, thanked us, and sped away, leaving a dust cloud behind him.
As I was lying in bed that night, I had a hard time getting to sleep. When I did fall into a fitful slumber, I had terrible dreams that masked bandits were breaking into my house. When I finally awoke the next morning from a long night of bad dreams, I was soaked with perspiration and had all my blankets on the floor. On top of all that, I had somehow flipped around so that my feet were on my pillow and my head was down at the bottom of my bed. I chuckled. Even with the break-in still on my mind, I was able to appreciate the hilarity of this scenario. In fact, I think it might have been even funnier than when Roy hit me with his bouncy ball.
On the bus that morning, something happened that made all of the evidence click into place, and strangely enough, it came from our number one suspect.
“I spent a fortune on that bouncy ball, and Mr. Johnson had the nerve to take it from me like that!” Roy cried. He said some other stuff after that, but I didn’t hear it. I was a man on a mission.
I plucked the phone out of Cameron’s hand.
“Dude, what the heck? That was the best run I’ve ever gotten on Alto’s Adventure!” Cameron grumbled.
“This is something bigger than Alto’s Adventure, Cam,” I replied calmly, although it felt like a hurricane was churning inside of me.
When I got to school, Officer Rick was already there waiting for me. We entered the school and silently walked into the art room. Sure enough, Mr. Johnson was sitting there, thumbing through our Truffula Trees. He smiled uneasily.  “Paul Johan Johnson,” he said, “You are under arrest. Tell ‘em why, Kyle,” He barked.  I smiled smugly, drinking in the moment. I loved messing with adults.
“First, you started with an innocent looking assignment, the Truffula Trees. You had us each do it with our hands, so you could know exactly how big each of our hands were. You were looking for somebody to frame, and when Roy threw the bouncy ball at me, you found the perfect person. A kid who was always getting in trouble and had a perfect device that nobody else had to break glass. After art class, you had him stay behind and give you the ball, saying that it was inappropriate behavior to throw it at people,” I paused to let this sink in.
“Once you had the ball, you looked at his Truffula Tree and made a stamp the exact same size as Roy’s hand. After school, you had to wait for hours on end for Mr. D to finish grading our math tests. So long, in fact, that when Mr. D left, it was about lockdown time for our school. After lock down, you took your stamp and headed down to Mr. D’s room. You removed the TVs from the wall and used the stamp to make Roy’s ‘handprint’ in the dust on the wall. Lastly, because the school was locked down, you broke out through the window and left the bouncy ball behind, to make it look like a break in. If you had moved the glass inside the school, it would’ve looked like one, but you left it on the lawn,” I concluded.
“Nerd,” he muttered solemnly to himself. Yup, that was me, a nerd, and proud to be one if you ask me.
“Do you have anything to say for yourself, Mr. Johnson?” Officer Rick inquired.
“I committed the crime, and I would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for that pesky kid.”
What a classic Scooby-Doo ending.


The Missing Amusement by Maddie

It was a nice summer day at the amusement park. Wherever you looked, you would see missing kid posters. So I got to work.

Later on, I heard a blood curdling scream coming from everywhere. Then it stopped.

After a while, I forgot about it so I went to the manager. Her name was Maddie, and she gave me a disgusted look and said, “If you want tickets they’re over there.”and walked away with a quick giggle.
“Well that was suspicious,” I said to James, “but you know we should look at the other suspects.”
It was the end of the day and they were all leaving except Maddie. She was cleaning the cameras in the playground. I came and asked her if she knew where she was going. She was silent and I saw tears in her eyes. Then she said,” It hurts.”
I said,“What hurts?” I got scared then I saw a cut on her arm. It must have been recent. “Call an ambulance!” I shouted to James.
An hour later “She’s fine,” the doctor said “but she will have to rest.”

“We should find out who did this to her?” I said. Then I saw someone in the corner of my eye. I saw someone as much as I could tell it was a boy, and he did not want to be seen. But then I figured out the only boy there was Vaughan the employee, so I ran after him and I couldn’t, get him, but Abril throw a metal pole at him. He passed out on the ground. The kids were found and he was never seen again.


The Hunt For a Dog by Xavier

One day Kyle was at a park playing frisbee, when his dog went missing. So, Kyle started to look for Stella his dog. He thought his parents would know were she was, but they didn’t know, so he kept looking for Stella. Then he saw Stella’s leash on the ground. He looked at it and saw that there was something on it. He saw that there was chocolate on Stella’s leash. He saw that Daisy, his other dog, was where Stella always sits. There was fur everywhere on the ground and it looked like Daisy’s and Stella’s fur. He started to look in different places.

When he came back he didn’t see Daisy either. He started to follow the rough fur on the ground. He saw Daisy so he followed her. He saw that there was a person petting a dog that had the fur color of Stella. He went to the dog and saw that it was not his dog. He saw that he left Daisy by her self somewhere on the hill. He saw that two dogs were playing with each other on top of the hill. It was his dog, he saw that they were just playing with other dogs. Now he knew why there was chocolate on the leash because he did not take his chocolate off the leash.

In the end he was very happy that he found his dog Stella and was with Daisy.


Friday Night by Alyson

Gabriela left to go to the apartment and sure enough Jeff was there. “What are you doing here” she said. He was tided up on a chair with duck tape on his mouth. “Mmmm’’ he mumbled. Ok I will get you out. All of a sudden something caught her eye. A picture of Sam’s family. His wife and children had died last summer. She picked the picture up slowly and started to tear up. She heard someone coming up the stairs. Oh no she put the picture back on the shelf and untied Jeff and hid behind the counter. When Sam came in he was on the phone. Gabriela had to Sneeze but then it would get them in big trouble.

“All right I will meet you at Pizza Hut” Sam said. He stopped and looked at the picture on the shelf and then bumped it down and broke into pieces. Huuuu Gabriela jumped. Sam froze and looked at the counter. “How goes there” he yelled. It was silent. Caleb busted the door open.

What are you doing here! Get in the car he demanded. Sam ran out to the car. Caleb looked behind the counter. Gabriela and Jeff where not there. Gabriela and Jeff ran out. “Go go Gabriela”yelled to Jeff. Gabriela then acted like she just had pulled up in her car. What is going on here. “Umm nothing” Caleb said. “Where is Jeff” Gabriela asked. I am calling the police. “Run” said Caleb Sam and Jeff took off running. Gabriela took of after them. The police car came in front of them and Gabriela was in the back. Sam and Jeff went to jail and Jeff was safe.

One night, Gabriela got a letter from Jeff. It said, you are invited to a Friday night party. It will start at 5:00 and will end at 12:00. Gabriela thought about going. She knew that she had other plans with Caleb, She was going out to eat with him.Gabriela called Caleb and told him about the party. He seemed very up set with her.“Ok fine you can go,” he said with anger.

Something was wrong with Jeff that night. He was acting strange. Jeff went up stairs to get some nachos. Jeff was gone for more than two hours. SLAM! The party lights stopped and everything went off. Gabriela ran to the door. “Are you ok” she yelled! No one answer. She yelled again. Still no one. Gabriela had to become a detective in order to find out who kidnaped Jeff.

She picked up her phone and called Caleb. She asked him if he was still at the apartment. Then she hung up. Another odd thing is that Sam also went in the same room two minutes before Jeff did. Gabriela decided to take Sam and Caleb in for some questions.   She talked to Sam first. “Where did you last see Jeff” she asked. He replied “in the food room”Gabriela then talked to Caleb over the phone. “Where you at the apartment the whole time” she said to him . “Yes”replied Caleb. She went to the door and yelled at the door again “ we will get to the bottom of this. She left to go to the apartment and sure enough Jeff was there.



The Robber by Vaughn

“You get over here this instant!” said my boss. “There was a break in and you were supposed to be on guard duty!”
I ran to check the security cameras. They showed a guy running out of the building. I zoomed in and saw the guy had a gun. Then he hopped into his car and drove towards the casino.
I ran out to the car and hopped in. I drove to the casino and I leaped out of my car. I crawled through the vents and looked out of them. I saw several guys with guns, so I crawled out of the vent. I ran back to the car and drove to the bank. When I got there I look at the security cameras. I saw that the guy was wearing a gold chain necklace.
I went back to the casino and walked in and I felt like someone was watching me. I just kept walking and I looked around, I saw a guy with a gun and a gold chain necklace. I ran and up and tackled him.
I said,”Stop right there, it is the police!” and told him to put his hands behind his back. Then I heard more shouting and then twenty guys in FBI uniforms ran in.
They said, “Put your hands in the air, you are under arrest for stealing the Mona Lisa.”



The School Day by Savannah

The school day was ending and everyone was acting a little weird, but I just thought they were tired. So I hopped in my mom’s car and fell asleep right away. Then, I felt the teacher wore us out, so I slept the rest of the day and it was great.  “Beeep, Beeep!” my alarm went off. I jumped out of my bed and I was happy, that is not normal. Then, I just rested up. I got ready for school. Then the school bus pulled up. We made it to school, the bus driver went as fast as he could.              Everyone was gone! The one class that was not gone was my fifth grade class but the teacher was not there, he was gone too. Where did everyone go?                        So we went walking around in that black dark hall. We went into Miss Black’s class, she teaches the fourth grade class, but only the teacher was there. ”Sorry I was late, but you are not in my class.”

“Yes, but we do not know where everyone is, can you help?”

“I do not know either.”

“Ok, do you want to come with us to figure out why it is?”

”Yes, oh, yes I do.” So we all were walking closer to the P.E. room and we were hearing some sounds like crumbling and crashing. Miss Black was like, “How about we just go home and not ever come back?”

I said, “No, we need to find out who is doing this.”  So we walked in to the P.E. room and the cafeteria man said, “Oh, hello, “ what are you guys up to? “           “Nothinngg,” we said almost in tears.

“What is the problem?”

“You just scared us.

“Oh, ok“

“it is getting light we should go to bed.” We all said ok. So we set up a nice and cute place to sleep on.

“Aaah, good morning, we should get started.” “Aaaaahh, what is that?” I saw in the corner of my eye the janitor shoving the teachers in a closet. So we got them out and the guy went to jail.


Miss Popular and the Fight by Chloe

The class was cleaning up at the end of the day making sure that they had everything. The bell rang quietly as the students rushed out of the classroom in hurry to get home. Millions of teenagers sprinted out of the school. “There goes Miss Popular,” Chloe said with a mad tone.

“I don’t get why people like her,” Sophia said.

“Savannah is just like us, sweatpants and a plain white shirt,” Chloe said

“At least tomorrow is our last day of school,” Sophia finished the conversation.

Chloe jumped in her car and drove home, while Sophia waited for her dad to pick her up. Chloe walked out of the car, unlocked the door to the house, and walked to her room, then signaled to her mom that she was home.

Ring! Ring! Buzz! Buzz! Chloe’s hand picked up the phone and flipped it over. It was Savannah, also known as Miss Popular. Chloe’s mind was twirling. How did Savannah get her phone number? Chloe remembered that Savannah had Chloe’s number since second grade. The only question left was why did Savannah call? Chloe hesitantly answered the phone call. It was a face time but nobody was there. A sound of laughter grew louder and louder. Or was it crying? Chloe didn’t know at the time. One person was either crying or laughing. It was hard to tell laughter and crying apart. Chloe knew what was happening.

“Savannah? And I thought you were nice.”

A deep voice surprised Chloe and it said, “I’m taking Savannah to-,” Chloe’s phone died.

The man said something about where he took Savannah. The voice was so familiar to Savannah’s friend, but Chloe didn’t know if it was him. Chloe jumped onto her bed and opened the window. She ran over to Savannah’s house and saw an open door. She walked into the house. There was a magazine with spilt nail polish covering the jokes on the paper. Savannah’s iPad was on and it read, “P:1 Z:1 W:1 X:1 W:1 F:1 V:1- U:1 L:2 V:2- W:1 I:2-T:1 W:1 U:1 V:1 V:2- Y:2 W:1 V:2 V:1”

Elijah was Chloe’s old friend from fifth to sixth grade. Why would he get in a fight with Savannah? Elijah was Savannah’s friend since fifth grade. The next day Savannah was at school, and she had a slight mark on her left cheek. Chloe asked what was wrong and Savannah explained, “Me and Elijah had a small fight and I fell. When I was gone I was looking for nail polish at Claires, and Penny and Bowser might of fought over food, which is probably why nail polish was spilt. Don’t worry me and Elijah apologized to each other.”

All along Savannah wasn’t kidnapped or anything, she was just out looking for her favorite things, along with a small fight!


The Disastrous Mystery by Evie

Mr. and Mrs. Blake, a new couple, were going to dinner that night with some of the people that they worked with: Mr. Smith, Mrs. Mae, and her twelve year old daughter Krissa, and Mr. Harry.

Mr. Harry was a tall man with a mustache and a long black beard. Mrs. Mae had long brown hair and light brown eyes. Mr. Smith was a short man with a short temper, had a bald head, and was fairly big. As for Mr. Blake, he was quite handsome. He had light brown hair that was nicely slicked back. Adding to that, he had the cutest smile. Mrs. Blake had big light blue eyes and strawberry blond hair. She was also wearing the prettiest dress Krissa had ever seen.

Mrs. Blake had just revealed her pregnancy and also announced that it was to be a boy. As soon as Mr. Blake heard, he ran off and said that she would never see him again.

Silence had fallen over the dinner table. A few minutes later, the waitress came, and everybody, still in shock, ordered their food. The food came shortly after they ordered and every one ate their meals in silence.

Mr. Smith had just got back from the restroom and had no idea about what had just happened. He was so confused and mad because nobody would tell him what

was going on. Shortly after, he walked out of the restaurant angry and nobody even noticed. When they finished eating, everybody left to go home except for Mrs. Blake, Mrs. Mae, and her daughter.

Mrs. Mae and Krissa stayed because Garry, Mae’s husband owned the Chinese restaurant and Mae needed to stay and help clean up. As for Mrs. Blake, she wanted to talk to Mrs. Mae in private.

“I don’t understand,” stated Mrs. Blake, “I didn’t want it to be like this!” Then she started breaking up into tears. “You’ll be fine,” said Mae.

Just then Krissa came out of the kitchen. “Are you crying, Mrs. Blake?” said Krissa feeling very sorry for her. “No,” responded Mrs. Blake wiping the tears off her face.

“Krissa, could you go outside and get a handkerchief from the truck for Mrs. Blake?” asked Mrs. Mae

“Sure Mom,” Krissa replied and ran outside to get it.

Mrs. Blake and Mae chatted some more until they heard, coming from outside was a faint scream and a cry of help. The ladies rushed out the door, but nobody was there, except for a squirrel holding a piece of cloth! They chased after the creature, running as fast as they could, and stopped when it ran up a tree. Mrs. Mae called an ambulance and the cops.

All the running made Mrs. Blake go in to labor. When they got to her, Mrs. Blake was laying down on a bench next to the tree, the squirrel ran up to the top of it, and promptly sat there, watching Mrs. Blake. Mae was crying

at her side. Garry was standing next to the tree, keeping an eye on the squirrel.

Mrs. Mae and Mrs. Blake rushed to the Emergency Room in the ambulance. Mrs. Mae stayed at Mrs. Blake’s side all night long until the baby was born. Mrs. Blake named him Luke. Once Mrs. Blake recovered, Mrs. Mae left the hospital and went straight to the police station where Garry was waiting for her.

After Mrs. Mae left, Mrs. Blake explained everything to the nurse, “Last night, at dinner, I announced to everyone that I was pregnant, and Jim, (Mr. Blake) ran off. I stayed with Mrs. Mae and her daughter, Krissa at the restaurant. Krissa went outside to get my handkerchief and disappeared. Then, we chased a squirrel that held some evidence (the cloth) up a tree. That’s what started my labor. Also, that is when the ambulance picked me up and drove me to the hospital.”

“Sounds like you had a very exciting night. I’m very sorry.”

When Mrs. Blake was able to go home with her son, she was utterly frightened. Frightened that Jim was going to come and take the baby. Eventually, someone broke into the house, and with a woman! Mae didn’t know who these people were. She thought it was Jim as maybe a new wife, but still, even if it was Jim, what if he took her new baby. She clutched Luke in her arms trying to defend herself and the child. They snatched the child out of her arms, pushed her over and left the poor old Mrs. Blake weeping on the floor.

Back at the police station, they were testing the cloth. Mr. Smith, Mr. Blake, Mrs. Mae, and Trisha (Jim’s new wife) were all there. “Which one of you had Mae’s daughter and the baby?” The officer’s deep voice struck the silence bitterly.

“I didn’t mean for it to go this far,” Mr. Blake said suddenly, “I’ll tell you the whole story. Me and Trisha knew that Linne (Mrs. Blake) and Mae loved mysteries when they were little, so I thought I would give them one. Mrs. Mae, Krissa is watching Luke in the truck.” At that moment, Mrs. Mae ran out to the truck to find Krissa laughing at Mrs. Mae’s fright.

“I asked Trisha to help me and pretend that she was mad at Linne and persuaded me to marry her, so I’m really not mad at you or anything Linne.” “But what about the cloth?” The officer asked “That was a red herring to mislead you.”

“And taking the baby?” Mrs. Blake asked

“Yeah, umm, sorry about that,” Mr. Blake ran out side and took Luke from Mrs. Mae, “Here you go.” He said giving the child to Mrs. Blake.

At the moment, Mrs.Mae and Krissa walked through the door of the police station. Krissa explained her part in the mystery to everyone and they all laughed.

“Mr. Smith was waiting for me outside of the bathroom when I went and then explained everything to me. I told him that I would do it, but only if Mr. Blake and Mr. Smith would get me something from Starbucks. When they got deeper into the facts, they came to tell me that I would be

spending the night with Mr. Smith. I agreed to stay because I have always wanted an overnight with Hannah (a girl Krissa’s age that lived with Mr. Smith) and that would be my chance. I thought the whole mystery thing would be funny and it was hilarious!” Krissa said in one breath.

“Thank you!” Mrs. Blake and Mrs. Mae said suddenly. “Looks like they enjoyed the mystery after all, ” remarked Mr.Blake.

“Now, where is my Starbucks?” Krissa said. Everyone laughed.



The Suspects by Sophia

Ding Ding! “Come on Krista,” I said,
The suspects When we got to class, the teacher wasn’t there. He came about twenty minutes late but he wasn’t alone. Ms.k and the principal was with him. My teacher and the principal had a weird smile on there faces. They went right next to Krista, my step sister. They took her to the principals office and a hour past. We waited until our teacher came back.
I asked if I could go to the bathroom
“yes” my teacher said. I didn’t really go to the bathroom, I snuck in to Ms.K’s office
“Krista, where are you?” I whispered in a panicked tone. There was no response.
I went to the back of the school and I saw Grace, Krista’s best friend
“Hey, do you know where my sister is?” I asked
“Ummm y-no, I have not seen her all day” Grace said
“why are you lying, you saw her a lot today?”

“umm s-s-so what, I lied, it’s not bad or something. Why?”
“My sister is gone,
I’m going to ask one more
time, we’re is she?”
“She’s at the pool” “Thanks a lot, bye” I ran to the pool and saw a tiny bit of spit on the ground and a yellow piece of clothing. It was my sister’s. I heard crying in the tool shed. I ran in and I was horrified.

“OH MY GOSH KRISTA, are you ok?”
“No, not really.” “What happened!” I panicked
“I don’t know, I think I passed out and I woke up here”
“hmm, I think I know some people who could have done it.”
We went home and went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and checked my sisters room. She was gone. I ran as fast as I could and called the cops, “hello my sister is gone and I think she ran away or something, I’m really worried” I said panicked once again “ were on are way” the cops said.
Two hours later, the cops came knocking on my door they had my sister
“where were you” a person took me to the pool again”
“why tho” “ I don’t know maybe some one
hates me but I’m nice I would never hurt someone”
“ i have three suspects ill go get them”
A hour latter i got all my suspects. “ wouldn’t you like to sit down” “ why are we hear” “one of you keeps bringing my sister to the pool tell me or ill get a lie detector and get the cops” there was silence for a long time. “ fine I’m calling the cops”I said “FINE Ummm never mind “ tell me what you were going to say” “umm nothing” “ fine ill call the cops and get them to do it” “ I’m not going to give her away oh my gosh opps” “ so its grace because the teacher is a boy i got you” “ GRACE you are going to jail” Ms.K did you work with grace” “uhh ummm fine I helped her” “I new it”.
I called the cops and Ms.K and grace went to jail”.



The Hundred Dollar Crime by Will

One night on November twenty seventh, one hundred dollars was stolen. The crime happened in a gift shop at the Denver airport. The cashier had security camera footage, but the security camera had a cloth on it so we could not see anything. All we knew is that there were three people in the shop. The people that were in the shop were Hann, Vaughn, and Cameron.
The next day, Hann was acting very strange. Each time he came to the airport he kept staying away from the gift shop ever since the crime happened.
A week later, the gift shop closed down. So, I decided to do some investigating for myself. The thief covered his tracks well. The only way that I would be able to get some real answers was to get into that gift shop. I would have to sneak into the gift shop manager’s cabin in the airport hotel.
When I got to the hotel, the gift shop manager had left the door open. So, I slipped into the cabin. I sat in the cabin for two hours waiting for the gift shop manager to go to sleep. When he finally went to sleep, I looked in every compartment he had. Then, I realized that he had forgotten his key in his pocket. So, I dug though his hamper. After two hours, I found the key to the gift shop. I snuck back out and looked out the nearest window and saw that it was midnight. The airport was empty. I raced down to the gift shop. Then, I froze. I had spotted a shadow slowly slinking in the direction of the bookstore. Then, it slinked into the bookstore. When I was sure that it was gone, I ran all the way to the gift shop. When I got there, I unlocked the gift shop, opened the door, and stepped in side. I stopped and heard, “creeaak, creeeeeaaak”. I was not alone in the gift shop! Then, the door creaked opened, “creeeaaak”. A dark figure appeared. It had curly hair. It was the old man Vaughn, the cashier. I flicked the lights on and jumped up. Well, Vaughn had a heart attack. I looked in his pocket. He had the hundred dollars!


The Amusement Park by Laila

Katherine was at an amusement park. She was walking and she found something. It was a picture of a man and then she took it to security. The security guard said,” I just saw that man come by and the picture said on it was from four years ago and it said Carl.’’

They thought that it was from the falling down roller coaster they thought they needed sometime to talk with him.

In1902 their great, great Grandpa committed a crime. He had to go to Alcatraz and he was only eighteen.

Then the next day they found a different picture it said Brent. So the security guard said that he has a reservation for a birthday party. So they said to him ‘’ I need to see you when you are at the birthday party. So the guy said no and the security guard said”, If you do not you will go to jail.

The next morning they all did what they needed to do so Kathren saw a difrent picture that Brent brought and it said Bark on it and he said o that is my criminal friend, but we learned our lesson and do not do it any more.

So then they thought that maybe they can look for this there shoes hats glasses but what made them look for the most was shoes. So someone had a picture and they had a green shoe then someone was there and the had a brown shoe then someone was not there and they had a yellow shoe. So then they always woore those shoes, they told the prison and they said all of them were in prison, but that was in 1984. So then Bark and Carl and

Brent all said”, I did not do it”,all at the same time and Katherine and’ the security and said this is not good.

So now they need to solve the crime and they think that all the suspects are Kathren ,Bark, Brent, and Carl because, Kathren said that she found it maybe she did not and it was her’s so now they have four suspects. So the security guard was on his own to find out who needs to go to jail for braking the rollercoaster again So now the security guard is worried that he could not call the detectives because they are very busy.

The security guard has to finger out the code: Y:1 F:1 V:2 V:1 T:2 P:1 I:2=
Y:2 W:1 Z:1 Z:1=
U:1 L:2 =

Now there is a problem because now they have to find the suspect.