Our School!

Ms. Dick 

       Ms. Dick is the third grade teacher at Ute Pass Elementary. Her name is Louisa Dick. She graduated from Colorado College in 2014. She got degrees in art, history, and Spanish. She likes to read, ski, and even likes to cook. She is a great reader because she always talks in fun voices when she reads. She is one of the nicest teachers at Ute Pass Elementary. She takes her students on really fun field trips. For example, she takes her students to the Zoo and to the Cliff Dwellings. Ms. Dick used to be Ms. Black’s roommate. Now you know all about Ms. Dick the third grade teacher at Ute Pass Elementary. 

  – Grace

Ms. Hainds

Ms. Hainds is the best school secretary and nurse we could ask for! Everyday, she has at least seven kids with stomachaches. Imagine who would help if she wasn’t here. She been a school secretary and nurse for twenty-five years. Before this she was an aide. She was an aide for five years. She has three adult kids. At her house she has a bird and cat. Isn’t that crazy?! She’s a good multitasker. She also has to call parents if kids aren’t at school. She also calls parents or 911 if kids are hurt badly. All in all, Miss. Hainds is a nice secretary and nurse!

– Chloe



Ms. Black

  Ms. Black has been teaching for five years at Ute Pass Elementary. Also, she taught third grade but only for one year and helped Mr D teach but right now she is a fourth grade teacher. Ms. Black is also a volleyball teacher. She has been a volleyball teacher for five years. In fact, she taught me how to play too and she is a great teacher to all kids. Her favorite field trip is the Night at the Museum. So as you can see, Ms. Black is an active teacher and you might just see here out of school if you  play volleyball. In conclusion, Ms. Black is a great teacher!

– Savannah


Our Playground


Our playground is a very fun playground. It has a lot of fun areas that you can play and have fun. Our playground did get destroyed at one point due to a flood. It sadly destroyed most of the playground. But gladly, they redid it and now its super fun as well. All in all I think our playground is the best!   




Mr. Briggs-Hale

Mr. Briggs-Hale is a teacher and a principal. He  taught 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade in many  schools and he taught one of the teachers at my old school. He has been in  public education for 25 years.  His job is to keep people safe. He grew up in New Hampshire  in a tiny town. He taught in Woodland Park and Cripple Creek and in Massachusetts. Mr. Briggs-Hale makes me feel comfortable at this school because I am new and don’t know anyone. He is very positive he has the  the best ideas because he thinks that having a longer lunch and recess is  important. He is the best!  I am glad that I picked him.

– Laila

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