Our School!


Mr. Sampson

Mrs. Sampson is the best teacher in Ute Pass Elementary! I walked into Mrs Sampson’s classroom and I did a interview with him. I asked a lot of questions. Here is one : What is your most top favorite drink ? He said it is black coffee. Here’s another one: What is your most top favorite desert ? He said it is donuts. He loves the white powder donuts. I was kind of wondering what year did he get here and he said, he got here around 2010. This one is so cool: How many kids do you have and what grades are they in? Mrs. Sampson said that his daughter is in 7th grade and son is in 5th grade.  I said, “WOW!” This one I loved. What is your favorite subject to teach ? He said it is reading.
This one I know. Where is your dream place ? He said it is Ute Pass teaching second grade.
What’s your favorite movie? He said The Goonies. I told him I love The Goonies.
How many pets have you had in you life ? He said he has had thirteen. I was shocked.
What are your top two songs you like ? He said “Happy Birthday” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. He said I know it’s a little funny, but I said it is okay I like it too. What is your favorite book to read ? He said it is Charge the Marvelous. I never heard of it before, but it sounded interesting. I told him that was it. He said “Awesome!”

– Adisen


Mr. Wester

  At Ute Pass Elementary, we have many great teachers and I interviewed one of our newest ones. Our new P.E teacher is Mr. Wester, and here are some questions I asked him:

How did you get into sports? “I was a wild child, so my parents enrolled me in soccer and then my love for sports grew.”

When did you want to become a P.E teacher? “In 2008.”

What kind of goals do you set for your self? “I set fitness goals, family goals, and personal goals”.

Have you taught at any other schools before? “I taught at Harrison High School.”

Did you have any other jobs before this? “I coached and I also worked at a place called Challenger Learning Center”.

What was the first team you played for high school and up? “I played for the Eagles”.

Do you have a favorite sport? “Soccer and rugby”.

So that’s our great new teacher Mr.Wester!

– James



Our Playground


We have an amazing playground at Ute Pass Elementary school. The soccer field has two nets. The basketball court has four hoops and they are in the sky. We have two playsets at Ute Pass Elementary. The reason is because they think it is important for preschoolers and the other kids to have playsets. The swingset is big. The green swing is for kids in wheelchairs only, we think it is important for them to get outside too. The Gaga ballpit is round and can fit thirty-five people and is cool. Now you know about the playground at Ute Pass Elementary School.

– Mary



Mr. Briggs-Hale

Mr. Briggs-Hale, is the principal at Ute Pass Elementary. Mr. Briggs-Hale is fifty-four years old, he is an amazing principal. Mr. Briggs-Hale was thirteen when he started his first real job, that was at a young age. Mr. Briggs-Hale has had ten pets in his whole entire life so far, that’s not a lot of pets. Mr. Briggs-Hale is nice, kind, and fun, he is the best principal that you can ever have. Mr. Briggs-Hale started working here in 2011, which means it was was eight years ago. Mr. Briggs-Hale loves all of the students in the school, that’s a lot of students, there are 160 students, that’s a lot. Mr. Briggs-Hale is funny he makes pun jokes, they can be funny, but most of the time they are not. Mr. Briggs-Hale’s favorite color is blue, blue like the sky. Mr. Briggs-Hale’s dream place to live is here, he wants to stay here. Mr. Briggs-Hale’s favorite book is Watership Down, he loves that book. Also, Mr. Briggs-Hale has three children, he loves them all. In 2013, Mr. Briggs-Hale was awarded a Hometown Hero Award for the Pikes Peak Region by the American Red Cross, that sounds fun. One last thing before the ending, Mr. Briggs-Hale has had a experience as a teacher in a classroom, a teacher is a fun job. Now you know all about our best principal Mr. Briggs-Hale who helps us at Ute Pass Elementary School.

– Myhlah


Ms. Ulizio


Sarah Ulizio moved from Pennsylvania to Colorado in 2011! Then she decided to work as an outdoor educator and director in Florissant. Then she decided to move to the Springs to get a Master in Arts in teaching and a license for teaching at an elementary school! So she got her license, then came to the Ute Pass Elementary School and taught Spanish for a year ,then decided to start teaching the fourth grade class. She seems that she is enjoying teaching the fourth grade class!

– Riley


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