Our School!

Ms. Hainds

Miss Hainds is one of the most important teachers. If we didn’t have Miss Hainds everyone would be sick or really badly hurt and that would be no fun. School would be unsafe without Miss Hainds. Miss Hainds has been here for I thought like a century, but the real years are … 25 years! Now that’s amazing! Before Miss Hainds started being the school nurse/secretary, she lived in Alaska for seven years. She has three kids all of which are girls. Their names are Chandra, Christa, and Katelyn. That’s all about Ms. Dani Hainds.

– Amy

Our Playground


Our playground has been here since 1890.  The first playground was built in 1969, and they made it bigger and better in 1977. Then they made another better playground in 2008.  A new playground was built in 2013 because of the Waldo Canyon Fire. Our playground equipment is swing, spinners, slides, play set  and red spinner. It is a cool playground!




Ms. Dick

Ms. Dick is the third grade teacher at Ute Pass Elementary, her name is Louisa Dick. She smells really good. Louisa graduated from Colorado College in 2014. She likes to cook, enjoys  hiking, likes to read, enjoys gardening, and likes to go skiing. She is also really, really pretty. She is also really nice if you get to know her. She has degrees in art, history, and Spanish. She provides learning and growing

– Kailey


Ms. Black



Miss Black is a great teacher! She currently teaches 4th grade at Ute Pass Elementary in Chipita Park. She coaches volleyball in the Manitou Springs High School. She graduated Woodland Park high school in 2009. Then, she graduated in 2013 from the University of Northern Colorado. Her hobbies are running, snuggling with her dog, Luna, and reading. Her favorite field trip is Pikes Peak, and Night at the Museum. Miss Black is a great teacher!




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