Our Weather!


Fall weather is very interesting in our area. It can get warm and cold during fall. The high here is usually 51 to 75 degrees. We are located in the mountains. The ones around us get up to 14,000 feet, like Pikes Peak. We don’t usually get tornados, but if we do, they are usually F0 or F1. So there’s your weather facts for Ute Pass Elementary.

– Harley





Winter in Colorado is interesting. I’m going to start you off with Christmas because we sometimes get snowy, cold, icy, Christmas’s, other times it’s pretty much the opposite. Every year we get great sledding, skiing, and snowboarding time. Some years we have reached 0° Fahrenheit.  It is not common to have thunderstorms here in the winter. We do experience blizzards and deep snow. We sometimes get really icy snow, other times we get soft building snow. That is how our winter is!

– Cora



This is our weather during springtime. The average temperature for high and low is 68°F is the high and -3°F is the low. I like spring the most because it has the best temperatures. The hottest and coolest it has ever been in Colorado was 118°F and -61°F. I think I wasn’t alive when these temperatures hit, but I do know that they did not happen in springtime. Colorado has had a couple earthquakes. The biggest one that I know of was 5.7 magnitude. I don’t know how it happened but I know that it happened. I also don’t know where it happened. This is the weather in springtime and also some cool facts about Colorado.

– Karsten




Colorado has interesting weather in the summer. There are 300 hundred days of hot sunshine in Colorado. The high in June is 79.2, the low is 64.4. The high in July is 90.4, the low is 69.6. The high in August is 81.6, the low is 67.2. We occasionally have floods in the middle of the summer. Weather tips: if you’re outside, watch the sky and if you see the sky darken, watch for lighting or listen for thunder. That is the history of summer here in Colorado!

– Brennen


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