Our Weather!




In fall, there are lots of colors, there are orange, yellow, and red leaves. When it is close to winter, all the leaves fall off and it will start to snow. It all changes in winter. It is an amazing sight to see, but there is so much more to it. You see winter is much more than just cold, it is magical to see! The normal temperature is about forty degrees fahrenheit. It actually is really cool, everyday is pretty much is a great day to do something fun like go for a walk. It is so beautiful I love this season.


In spring it is sunny and the leaves start to grow back. and everything is back to normal. The flowers grow back and the animals are coming back from hibernation. The average temperature is eighteen degrees Fahrenheit to forty-three degrees Fahrenheit. There is just so much in the season, but it is still so wonderful. Everything is so fantastic! It is so hot in spring in Texas it actually feels like you are next to the sun, literally, it really does and every time I visit Texas, I am sweating even though I was born and raised in Texas. I still am now normally around this temperature, it is really hot here also.

– Kari



Summer and Winter



In summer, Colorado can be pretty and hot. At night, forty-five degrees Fahrenheit is the approximate temperature. At dawn, and the highest overall temp, seventy-four degrees. In the middle of the day, it is approximately fifty-nine degrees Fahrenheit. Guess that wraps up summer!

Next, I’ll be talking about winter. Along with shiny, sparkling snow, you’ll have a shivering fifteen degrees Fahrenheit at night! You will have an approximate forty-two degrees Fahrenheit as well. Lastly, at about noon, twenty-nine degrees is your average. If you like this weather, feel free to visit CO.

– Braden



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