Our Weather!



  Fall is one of the most greatest seasons. You can play in the leaves, and see animals, and see beautiful colors!

  Fall is a great season, in the morning you’ll usually get greeted by beautiful birds songs and the sunrise is very pretty. In the afternoon you can feel a cool breeze and watch leaves fall from trees. Also you can watch bees pollinate.

  Most of the time the temperature Is close to 40F to 60F degrees in fall in Colorado! That’s a great temperature for playing in leaves and hanging out with your friends. But watch out sometimes it rains for most of the day, don’t get caught in storm!

  Also some of the highlights of Fall are that you can see our animals that hibernate getting ready for winter. You can see a lot of  leaves falling from trees, they are many different colors red, orange, gold, and golden brown.

  Fall is such a beautiful and fantastic season.




 Winter in Colorado is so beautiful! When the sunshine is on the snow, it sparkles. At night it gets about 15F (-9c) degrees. At morning it is usually about 29F degrees outside. When it is the middle of the day it can get around  42F degrees. The temperature here in Colorado can be negative 20F to 60F. The temperature can change in less than an hour. We also can often make snowballs or do snowball fights, sledding, and make a snowman . But the bad thing is you can slip on the road or get frostbite. You should visit Colorado some time!


– Xavier





Spring is the most beautiful time of year. It is cold but it feels nice to me. The temperature is 40ºF to 60ºF in Cascade and Colorado Springs. In the morning I hear the birds singing and the flowers are blooming. I get up and get ready for the day. Some people like to take hikes or go biking. We see lots of the animals. There are lots of bears, deer, and mountain lions in the spring.




Our weather can change so quickly. Let’s talk about the summer weather. To begin, in the summertime it can get up to 114 degrees Fahrenheit. Overnight it can be as cold as 27 degrees Fahrenheit.  The weather can be so cold or so hot. the weather is hot and cold in the summer. The weather can surprise us because it can be raining in the summer or really hot or cold in the night summer. The summer weather is so crazy you might be prepared for the hot weather and it can rain. The rain and hot weather of the summertime can be crazy. Come and visit colorful Colorado!



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