Scientific Method – We use the Scientific Method because it is fair and organized!

Flow Chart for The Scientific Method

Scientific Method Definitions


Examples of Variables


Challenge quiz




Life Cycle of Stars
Types of Stars
Star Explorations
NASA’s Gallery of Space Images



Largest Star Ever Discovered

Colors of The Stars

Objects In Your Sky



Why Do We Have Different Seasons video




Earth’s Four Spheres



Earth’s Water









Our Resources









Atoms Around Us

First image of an atom


Dynamic Periodic Table

Build an atom – computer only

Elements in our Body

Periodic Table App

Molecules App

GoReact App

Liquids, Solids & Gases


States of Matter

States of Matter

States of Matter Millionaire Game

Water: Science Lesson


Chemical Mixtures

What are mixtures & Solutions?

Study Jams Mixtures – Not on iPads

Classifying Matter SlideShare

Mixtures & Compounds Quiz






Virtual SEM



Spotlight: Cells

Cell Parts

The Mixed Up Cells

Spotlight: Bacteria Cells

iCell App






















The Great Plant Escape

Spotlight: Trees

Wood Wide Web video

Biology of Plants

Photosynthesis: Science Lesson


Sun & Energy



 A man builds a house rectangular in shape. All sides have southern exposure. A big bear walks by, what color is the bear? Why?

Email Mr. D the answer and win a prize! Please don’t tell anyone about this puzzle, let them find it themselves.





Science Fair

Scientific Method Definitions


Examples of Variables


Graph Maker –


2019 Google Science Fair winner

5th Grader’s Discovery

High School Winners



Colorado Springs Area Students Compete in International Science Fair- from the Gazette:

Four Colorado Springs-area students attended the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix last month.

The delegation from the Pikes Peak Regional Science Fair competed against 1,800 students from 82 countries.

Coronado High School senior Jenna Salvat won the first place special award from the Geological Society of America and & American Geosciences Institute.

Palmer High School sophomore Kathryn Kummel earned a second place category award in Plant Sciences.

Monument’s Palmer Ridge High School team of Josh Nakka and Katelyn Salmon received four-year renewable scholarships to Arizona State University and a third place award in the Embedded Systems category.

Cherry Creek High School student Krithik Ramesh in Denver took top honors at this year’s international competition, for his project on spinal surgery.

Registration for the 2020 Pikes Peak Regional Science Fair will open in mid-August.

For more information, go to

The judged competition is open to students in grades 6-12 from Elbert, El Paso, Park and Teller Counties, with projects in science, engineering, math and computer science. The local fair is held in February.


Science Fair Rubrics:

Abstract Rubric

      – Example of abstracts: basketball-bounce shocking-hair swim-evaluation

Project Rubric

Oral Presentation Rubric

Judging Rubric


UPE Science Fair Packet 2020


Q & H Form

2019 Pikes Peak Elementary Science and Engineering Fair Guide


Consumer Reports testing:

Testing mattresses:

Testing elliptical machines:

Consumer Reports Lab:


Laptop or Desktop Computer:

Science Interactives

Science Games

Mr. Nussbaum Science

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