Research shows us that spelling is foundational for reading. Our spelling program focuses on patterns.  Our brains are constantly looking for patterns, such as when we add an “e” to the end of a word, it makes the middle vowel long ( hop ->hope). We work in class by finding patterns, studying sight words, and other word work. We will be using the Spelling City App and  the SpellBoard App  which both help students learn spelling in a fun way.

 Spelling City webpage



Skill 1 – The Amazing Long A – a, a-e, ai, ay, eigh

Skill 2  – Breezing Through Long E – e, ea, ee, ey

Skill 3 – The Mile High Long I – y, i-e, igh, i

Skill 4 – Honing The Long O – o, oa, o-e, ow

Skill 5 – The Truth About Long U

Skill 6 – Managing the Short A

Skill 7 – The Effective Short E

Skill 8 – The Itty-Bitty I

Skill 9  – The Hidden O’s

Skill 10 – The Utterly Upbeat Short U

Skill 11 – Practicing Prefixes

Skill 12 – Serving Suffixes

Skill 13 – Sound Alikes

Skill 14 – Contraction Action

Skill 15 – Closed Compound Words


Ultra-Advanced Spelling

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