Summer Practice


Suggestions for Summer Practice

 The Cascade Library has wonderful virtual activities this summer to keep students up on their reading and writing this summer. Check them out at

7 Fresh Activities to Combat the Summer Slide

Use our website as a great resource! All of the academic subject pages have links to games and practice activities.


1.  Read, read, read!

2.  Trade books with a friend

3.  Read to younger children

4.  Enjoy books read by a parent


1.  Practice spelling the words you have learned, they are still on our website

2.  Write sentences using words from your lists

3.  Write stories using the words from your lists

4.  Practice on your computer using Spelling City,, or


1.  Keep a daily journal or diary. Check out the Journal Jar link on our Language web page

2.  Make lists such as “things to do today” or “people to write to”

3.  Write letters to friends and relatives

4.  Write and illustrate books

5.  Record the events of a vacation and illustrate

6. Continue to write for 100WC

Laptop or Desktop Computer Games:


Be sure to use our Math web page as a resource.

1.  Practice and memorize multiplication and division facts. (Extremely Important!)

2.  Ask a parent or older sibling to make up word problems

3.  Practice your money and time-telling skills

Laptop or Desktop Computer Math Games:


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